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I tried to cut down -

OMG I tried to cut down from 2   30 mg Oxycontin to one and I thought I was going to die by the next day.  I had even taken two 7/325 of perc's before I went to bed thinking that might help me threw the night - bull  it didn't do a thing.  I couldn't sleep, felt sick and had a sever pain in my stomach so bad that even though I did this two nights ago I still have the pain there.  How do I cut down?  I don't know what else to do?  I don't want to be on this stuff anymore it ***** to have to wait until the very last day to have to fill a script and rely on med in you system.  
Does anyone out there have any advice for me?
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Hi!!! We are not allowed to give tapering advice. Can you go cold turkey and get it over with? Me personally could not taper If they are there I will eat them and prob all of them LOL .... I don't have much advice for you on tapering but I wanted to offer you my support.
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Congrats on deciding to get off of the pill roller coaster.  There are a few ways to come off...you can taper or cold turkey.  I could never taper cuz if I had them, I found a reason to take them.  I was taking approx. 6 vics /day.  There is a link at the bottom of the screen for the Thomas Recipe.  This will give you a list of items to have on hand to help with the withdraws.  If you can think about the next several days after quitting as having a bad flu, it can help.  There isn't really a way around wd's...you just have to go thru them.  You can do it  The fear of wd's is greater than the wd's themselves.  I got tired of counting pills, scheduling around pills, praying for the rx, etc. When you are ready to quit...we will be her to support you.
I hope today is the first day of your sobriety!
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So you are at twice a day. Doing good!!!  What I have been doing is extending an hour each week. So slow but steady. Soon then you will be at one time day without going so drastic.  You can set the schedule.  

Keep moving forward. You'll be done soon.
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You are fine. Did the same thing. Within  one or two more days you will level out in that big jump you did. But you will be glad you did it. Then stay on 30 per day for a few days and drop down again. It will suck again for about 4 days.  But by then depending how much you dropped you could be at about 15 or so. Then one more cut down and you can easily jump from like 5mg.
I have went from 40mg 3x per day and am now at only 10 mg once per day! Took me just over two weeks. I did it very rapidly and it hurt but not like CT. so i know you can do it! Just keep going!
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