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I went cold turkey (from 430mg codiene a day down to 120mg) and now I'm in hospital

I posted yesterday. Was so proud of myself for facing my addiction and getting help. Now I'm severely ill in hospital, on a drip. Because i came off too fast, too soon.
Last night, I was taken to hospital with a temperature of 39.7, feeling like I've even hit by a bus.
I'm still in hospital now, blood tests show kidney and liver are in perfect working order (I don't know how!). The doctor in the hospital has basically reiterated what my GP said, and that I've come off them way too fast too soon too much. He said I'm experiencing a very bad withdrawal and that I need to get taking the meds regularly again as my body has developed such a strong dependency.
Feel like I've been run over. All the staff are being so wonderful and are insisting I continue to take the tablets regularly. I thought I was doing good by trying to stop. Turns out to be an absolute disaster. I don't understand why I'm still in so much pain still though, as I started to retake the codiene yesterday. I've had codiene today, so why do I feel do ill still?
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I don't know girl, but you don't sound ready. Cold Turkey won't kill you, but ingesting all that tylenol that it's attached to surely will. You are lucky that your liver and kidney function tests are normal.  I think you are making drama and excuses not to stop. Please try harder. If you are in the hospital now, why not take this opportunity to detox while they can monitor and support with iv fluids and non opiate support meds, eh?
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Drama?! Drama?! Firstly I'm in the UK. The hospital brought my temperature down, gave me fluids and then the next day kicked me out. My dad picked me up and now my whole family know and are supporting me.
I've cut down from 430mg a day to 300mg, with no paracetamol. This is with the advice and monitoring of my DOCTOR. Are you a doctor? How dare you say the hurtful things you have said when I'm brand new to the forum and seeking support.
Does going to the doctors twice a week, visiting the substance misuse unit with my parents and giving my fiancé my meds to dispense sound like I'm making excuses?!
This is real life. Not some soap opera. I've been on this forum for two days only, have a look at my other posts and you make me never want to use it again. Support group my arse! I'm disgusted.
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Also my sertraline dose dropped from 100mg to 50mg last week. I took 100mg of sertraline (an anti - anxiety tablet before you start) yesterday and the fever has stopped. Doctors have told me my 'withdrawal' was from two substances at once, hence why so bad.
I started this whole process five days ago, went to my doctors on Friday and am now being told to try harder , even though I've dropped 120mg a day. You may think I'm a failure, but I don't! And I won't be made to feel like one either!
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Hey....listen....I don't think the above post was trying to call you a failure...We, as addicts, tend to not like pain!  lol, I know I sure don't!  And yes, withdrawal is HARD as ****! Tapering might be a better way to go for you but a lot of us did quit C/T, I did personally and was sick for 30 days!  Temperature going up and down, sweating like a pig, heart racing, diarrhea for a month (lost 10 lbs), couldn't talk, didn't sleep for 2 weeks, bad, bad, bad, but what I was told was it won't kill me!  Which allowed me to just go through it instead of fighting it.  Instead of the drama word use the word "excuses" b/c going c/t *****!  I had a 7 year opiate addiction and then switched to a 24mg a day suboxone addiction and I have no insurance so going to treatment or hospital wasn't an option.  I'm positive there was NO insult in that post, just an honest opinion that sometimes we don't want to hear?  
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I would like to add that you never mentioned the anti anxiety meds, only the codiene in this post. I think there was a lapse in communication here. That changes everything. Most psych meds must be tapered slowly, while uncomfortable, opiate detox is not dangerous to a healthy person. I hope you do return, you have to realize how many people come an go from here. We try to help, but even those with 10 years still stick their foot in their mouth or say things in ways that are taken wrong. We are human after all. Try not to take the above comment personal, I happen to know that msdelight genuinely cares about you and everyone here. Okay, that's out of the way.

It sounds like you have a good support in place and this hospital visit, though scary, was a blessing. You came out of it with a better plan and more support. That is awesome. I have taken antipsychotics and mood stabilizers, so I know that those are a different animal. I am glad you have a doctor on board for that taper. I hope you keep posting, I know you are sensitive right now, I felt like I had half a brain and no skin for a long time. Hang in there, keep doing what you have to, and I hope you keep posting.
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Needing support. I am a single mom of two teenagers. They are so wonderful, respectful and loving. They truly have no idea I am an addict. I am addicted to Lortab. I am going CT, have tried other ways. This has to work, nothing else did. So, please encourage me to keep this CT up. I am 20 hrs without right now and hurting badly. Please give me some hope.
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Sara my gosh I'm so sorry! Just saw this. My sincere apologies and totally did not get the depth of your situation from your post. Please don't let my stupidity influence your recovery or use of MH. You are not a failure, but I sure failed at thinking that post required tough love.  Not usually my approach at all! So please stick around. I promise never to be mean like that again.  Love, MsD
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Hey everyone. I'm really sorry for my response. I was out of order to reply like that. It's hard to put across on here, but the cold turkey was more than horrific, as my sertraline played a huge part in making me ill.
Since being put on my normal dose, hey presto, four hours later I'm almost better. Insane.
I was so ill I couldn't stand up without my fiancé helping me up, this includes going to the bathroom, that's how weak I was. And that's why, after reading so many experiences on here, i knew it must have been my anti-anxiety meds playing havoc too.
Tapering is something I'm going to make work. I have a little boy who is severely autistic and so cannot be ill like that, in such a bad way again. That's why I'm decreasing the dose with the aim and utmost belief of being off these nasty little pills in three months time.
The lady has apologised to me which was very kind. I'm going to keep coming on here so I can read my progress and to keep me going if things get tough.
Thank you again to everyone :)
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Good Job! After reading this post, I do believe that this happen for a reason for you..Now you know that you need to do a nice and easy taper..I am very happy for you..I came off 3 meds at once back in 2012 and one was a Benzo. Never in my life did I ever experience a opiate with draw like this one was because of the benzo too..I was also on the Methadone too as prescribed for pain. I wish I could of done a nice easy taper..I really suffered for many, many, many months, but I also am a long time user and no spring chick. The worse for me was the Mental as it came in waves..There is alot to staying clean..YOU have SUPPORT and that right there is the number one Key to success. I do wish you the best and make sure you keep drinking tons of water to help flush these toxins out as you taper..Start taking some good Vit/Min right now too. The more you build your immune system up and all the Brain Chems/Hormones and such, the better your Body will handle the taper.
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Thank you x
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Thank you for your support xx
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Thank you for explaining and being so sweet in the above post. Really appreciate it x
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Hey sweetie glad you are feeling better today.  Don't ever apologize okay?  All of us here know what it feels like to be raw and vulnerable and afraid.
I wanted to give you some practical health advice to follow while tapering if that's okay?
First off- so happy your liver and kidney function is okay.  Keep getting it checked.
To take care of it- get some Milk Thistle (liquid is best) as it cleans out the Liver.
You need Vit B 12- I recommend and use the injectable kind.  It's great for energy and immune function.
I don't know about you but codeine makes me TERRIBLY constipated.  Aloe Vera juice is a great natural product that can get your bowel running smoother and in a GENTLE way.
Do they have hot yoga in the UK?  If so it is amazing for flushing out toxins, maintaining good digestion, and just making you feel plain awesome.  If you can establish a good exercise routine while you are tapering to boost your natural endorphins this whole process will be much easier.
I would also introduce melatonin into your routine.  It is a natural sleep aid which helps regulate the sleep/wake cycle of the body.  My addictions doc recommended taking one dose of 3 mg in the early evening and another 3 mg at bedtime.  Lack of sleep is one of the hardest parts of detox for almost everyone.  If you start taking it sooner rather than later it has a chance to build in your system and may actually work for you.
Lastly, I don't know anything about the anxiety med your taking so talk to your doc about this- I've been using Tryptophan to replace my prescription sleep meds and help me as I taper off long term benzo use for sleep.  It is all natural (found in turkey) and it is a natural mood stabilizer and seratonin booster.  I just discovered it a few months ago and wish I'd known about it sooner.  I sleep WAY better than I ever have, even in the pain I'm in now.
Also, follow a very healthy diet of lean proteins, legumes, green leafy veg, whole grains, and fruit.
If you can get your hands on a juicer it is an amazing way to get nutrition which long term opiate use robs you of, and will give you a great boost.  My fave is carrot, celery, beet, apple, and ginger.
It's both calming and energizing.

That was a lot of info hahaha!  I've been at this awhile, can you tell?  Just take real good care of yourself and the rest will take care of itself.
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I'm so glad you came back!
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So glad you decided to stay!
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Hey weaver71 your head is in the game. I am grateful for guys like you. You are a blessing. This is actually fryed, but going through withdrawal has been hard on my slightly smaller brain and I couldn't get signed back on. Thanks again I'm going to make it.
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Hello, thought I'd pop in and fill you all in on how I'm doing. Well I'm feeling much better since my Sertraline is back at the correct dose. My only absolute killer at the moment is the migraines, the worst I've ever had I'm my life. This morning it was so bad I threw up.
My taper is going well. A week ago I was taking 430mg a day for a month. Today I'm down to 265mg - so I'm on track yay. I'm on 270mg a day until Friday, where I plan to drop it to 240mg a day, then further each week. But, I'm happy I've halved my dose within a week. I'm still taking a considerable amount of codiene but my body is showing withdrawal from the drop in dose, but at a managble level for now.
Head is fuzzy and very tender though, not going to lie. Anyone else's head felt let it would split open? X
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Hey Sara-

I had horrible migraines the entire time I was tapering.  I ended up in the ER on numerous occasions and none of the migraine meds helped.  When I finally went cold turkey (I'd had enough) my migraines disappeared within 24 hours.
Don't know if this is your situation but it is very likely.
Keep your dose steady until you feel better and get on those natural supplements in the meantime okay?
I understand your need to taper so the migraines may mean you are going too fast.
Drink LOTS of water.
You're doing great-
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lulu took the words right out of my mouth. I too had severe migraine's even after stopping cold turkey and they lasted about 9 days. Hang in there. Keeping hydrated is SO IMPORTANT, especially after your ER visit where there is no doubt you were dehydrated when you went in. Keep it going, your doing well.
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Hey guys thank you for all the support. I've not had a headache in three days now, yay, and I'm taking a steady dose of 270mg now instead of 430mg.
Today, I've started to take 240mg a day. This means I'm now finally taking the maximum 8 tabs a day and not going over it.
Then on Monday it's 7 tabs a day for two weeks, and we'll be continuing to reduce from there. Thank you so much to you all for your support x
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Keep on rockin it, Sara!!!
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glad you found this site to help you.  i am fairly new here as well and you may not realize it now, but the honest, brutally honest at times, responses people give have helped MANY people.  
glad you did not have to stay in the hospital because you are likely to get sick from something else being there.  lol
just remember any anti anxiety meds HAVE to be tapered down with the assistance of your doctor, but opiates can be done cold turkey.  
with the opiates going cold turkey is like ripping a bandaid off fast.  tapering opiates is like slowly pulling it off.  hurts worse and longer.  
hope you stick around.  these are the kindest, most caring strangers i have ever came across.
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