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I’m going from sub to OxyContin

I’m going in for major surgery so off getting off sub for a pain pump. I’ve gone from 24 mags to 3 mg. They prescribed 1 tablet 7.5 every 4 hours for my dose and will wean me off after a few weeks. Will I be comfortable? I’m scared.  
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What is the surgery for? Seems like a huge drop, having the dose to  12 mg sounds more reasonable to me. The doctors are all taught the wrong thing! And they are under pressure to get people off OxyContin, I  don't  think they even prescribe or anymore. I would definitely go for second opinion. That was Aug 2017 how are you doing now?
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The manufacturer was sued and had to pay a lot of money. It is not a war on drugs, it is a war on people with pain. Even if you are no longer in pain, getting off, as you must already know takes some time of agony to adjust to. It is so unfair. Apparently it is a worldwide policy. The only place to get adequate pain medicine for the average Peron (if you are filthy rich you could probably get it) but now the only place to buy it is in Portugal where drugs have been decriminalize. People with a habit in the capitol city will come up to you begging for money for their next fix, you would have to pay $10 for the beggar and $10 for you, and ask to go with him or her to buy your own. heroin can be inhaled. But isn't that too much trouble? At least you wouldn't end up in jail. Many doctors have just dropped their patients on narcotic pain meds even if the person is debilitated. It's part of the war on people and has caused many veterans and others to commit suicide, but you won't read that in the press. Or you could move to Mexico but they will not be likely to prescribe OxyContin, just oxycodone which isn't great for pain but at least will keep you from being forever in withdrawals which ruins many people's lives. Hitler killed all people in pain, the old, the sick, aiming at a superior race, a eugenist, like Bill Gates. Look for another doctor.
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