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Well, I've been a Vicoden addict for a little over a year now taking anywhere from 6 to 10 Narco's a day, starting when I was pregnant. I had to quit towards to the end of my pregnancy because the guilt got so bad. Well after I had him I went crazy, taking any pill I could get ahold of! I think alot of it was post pardom. Well, in November things got worse my sons father was sentenced to 6 months in jail. my son was only 4 months old, he wasn't really helping anyways, but as my babys dad it definitely did not help out the matter! I then started taking Oxy's  almost on a daily basis, and when I couldnt get oxy's I would substitute it with Vicoden. Well one day I couldnt find Oxy's and I couldnt find Vic's and some guy introduced me into Herion.  I figured doing oxy's was pretty much the same thing, I never shot up just snorted it which I realise that doesnt make it any better. Well I'm fed up! I don't want to do it any more! Everyone keeps telling me to go get on methadone! I don't wanna get addicted to that either. The only thing that seems to help is Xanax. it takes the edge off and helps me sleep. I have also heard of something call Saboxin? I think thats what its called. But I dont want anyone telling me to go to the detox, I just need some advice on how to do this at home! In the state I live in all hospital facilities have to report it to children and family services. Im so ashamed and I just wanna do this on my own I know it will be hard but anything to help the withdrawls go faster will be much appreciated!!!..Note I've only been doing Herion off and on since Jan. more heavily in the last month.
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hi there. you've probably gathered from some of the other posts that opiate withdrawal is no picnic. heroin is no different from oxycodone except in the fact that you never know what you're getting in relation to potency and additives. and heroin tends to pull folks into some pretty dark places a lot quicker. check out the amino acid and thomas recipe information here as it can help you through it. also be careful with the xanax as it is also highly addictive. as far as methadone and suboxone go, i went that route for a short time and realized i had signed up for something that for me was not a solution, but was prolonging the inevitable and keeping me a prisoner. i don't know what state you're referring to, but i find it difficult to imagine not being able to maintain patient confidentiality for an individual seeking help. if that is an all encompassing law that applies to all medical facilities public and private, i'd be interested in researching that legislation. i would also highly recommend aa and/or na meetings. there are people there who have been successful at getting clean and staying that way, that could help you with experience in your local area while maintaining your anonymity. good luck,  gm
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Hi Keri welcome to the forum.. my name is lesa and I'm an ex junkie.. You can detox at home. as stated above it is no picnic but it is doable.. Your habit is not as extreme or as long as some.. The most important thing you will need to get a grasp on.. is there is no easy way out. There are things that can make the wd process more tolerable.. like extremely hot baths/showers.. heating pad electric blanket... also for the rls hylands or a knock off can be purchased at walmart or drug store.. Tonic water.. it has quinine in it.. also helps.. as for sleeping.. You will not for a few days.. but the anxiety can be helped with walking.. this is very important as it speeds up the wd process and helps to get the feel good endorphins running again.. motrin for for pain double too 800mg if over the counter.. Imodium for bathroom issues and Gatorade, juice, water.. Dehydration just makes you sicker.. Benadryl may help too get some sleep and help with the runny nose.. You really have to keep a check on your attitude as this is the most important.. This can make a wd very hard or tolerable.. The mind is a powerful tool.. I wish you well and I hope you give yourself a chance to beat this before you check into something that has a longer duration of wd.. Yours should only last about 5 days for the worst to pass.. then it is the mental game.. You have a child that does not understand his situation.. he deserves one parent in his life that is not dependent on a drug to function.. You deserve the best shot at raising your son.. I wish you well and please stay for the support as the forum is an awesome place to get honest and real.. I wish you and your child well.. lesa
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