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Is it possible to be addicted and loved?

The last thing anybody, especially the very ill like me, wants is to be a burden on anybody.  ****,  I'll be the first to say it...I am already a burden to myself and ain't nobody holding me up but me.  "Deal" with an a addict.  Why bother?  We addicts are still just that, addicted.  Now y'all codependents are boo hooing because you can't fix somebody's addiction.  Nobody can with any sustainability.  It's just about time people stop being the one with the guilt debt piled on them as addicts have burdened them.  Here's a good way to love an addict and bear no guilt debt.  How about ******* embracing addicts.  Encouraging us (without self serving motives) when things are in line, and recognizing the bad as a part of the whole picture that, like it or not, addicts "deal" with until the crisis that arises is the one that kills us.  The chaos of being wired to require more drastic, invasive ways of preserving one survived for another day is INDEPENDENT of active drug use or not.  Drug use is the most prevalent symptom of being born to have a sick soul.  Not at all is the drug chosen regularly for a moment even relevent when the underlying issue is a self soothing technique woven with human ingenuity.  What a shame people who are desperate to feel subjectively okay and normal when instead of understanding addicted folk are placed unfairly into a social grouping below the lowest of the low. Does this make sense?
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This forum is for people who want to get clean. If you are looking to get clean, let us know.
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No, NO and NOOO!  I am an addict...have been probably my whole life.  YOU ARE STUCK...nothing more.  I've been reading your posts where your trying to claim that you've resigned yourself to maintaining and doing no harm.  ********!  Your just stuck and it's the drugs talking b/c your so far into yourself I refuse to believe that's you talking.  That's the drugs.  One day you will realize that there is NO maintaining drug addiction, there is loving an addict TO DEATH.  You don't embrace addicts because if you want them to get clean you have to let them fall.  I am an addict and I've been clean for 4 1/2 years, I'm not really sure what your talking about?  Just accept an addict for being an addict???
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Sorry but i cant and wont glamorize addiction.  I hope someday real soon you quit doing the same.
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We all have one thing in common:  THE POWER OF CHOICE
The addicts that choose to get honest with themselves, open their minds to doing what they don't necessarily "want" to do and are willing to work HARD trying new ways of doing things bloom into some of the most loveable people I know.
If we keep hanging with the same people, keep going to the same places, and keep doing the same things over and over, we will never be free.  
POWER to CHOOSE.......ours and ours alone~
So Very Well Said !!  Please, accept my sincere admiration for Your words here !!
I'm addressing my above comments to clean_in_ks
Thank you for your kind words, TinkerBell (what a fun name!).
I was so sorry to read about your son.  My heart goes out to you, dear Mama.  I hope your granddaughter will find some healing in her life's journey.  I am unaware of anything that can erase that traumatic "picture" from her mind and heart.
Today being Father's Day must have been a difficult day for her.
I read something today about "choices" that I thought you'd appreciate.  It applies to all of us really.

"When you choose the behavior,
you choose the consequences."

God bless you and yours, Tinker~

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