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Is my doc going tk try to take me off of suboxone because of pregnancy?

I started suboxone 1 week ago, and just a few days ago found out I am pregnant.
I started subs because I had been an opiate addict for many years (pills) and have never gotten out of that frame of mind. It started out as back problems leading to a major surgery. When it became obvious that the pills were being abused, I was cut off. Unless I was pregnant, then My OB insists My pain be treated. My pain becomes so bad during pregnancy that it makes my blood pressure sky rocket and leads to other complications such as per eclampsia and growth restriction.
Well, not having any opiates over the last couple years since my youngest was born, I would do anything possible to get high and take away my pain. Marijuana, alcohol, when I could get my hands on pills I would, and eventually I started using meth. I got in legal trouble, and am on drug court now. Since being drug tested multiple times a week through probation and treatment, I have stayed clear of illegal substances and abused others. I would find ways to get high on over the counter meds, and my prescription meds- especially my nerve pain medication- lyrica. I have been so over this lifestyle. Its just a vicious cycle that takes me around and around and spiraling downward. My pain is unbearable though and I absolutely needed help and no one wants to help an addict with their pain.
I did a lot of research on different options for me. I had recently been through long term inpatient treatment, and this cycle started again shortly after getting out. I ended up coming clean to my drug court team and asking for help. There is a suboxone doctor at my hospital where I attend teeatment, and I got to see him soon after.
He put me on 14-16 mg of suboxone and I am feeling like a whole new person! I haven't felt so happy and healthy sjnce before I left home for college! 12 years ago! I am so extremely happy with my success already, after just a week on it. I can function, I'm motivated, I am not craving at all, and I'm thinking long term.
A couple of days ago I found out I am pregnant. I am terrified. My friend told me that she is pregnant and she is still on it, so I started looking into it. I am pretty happy with what I have found. I know there is a risk of NAS. Which there also is for oxycodone. And the lyrica is a lot worse for baby too. Since I have abused them both, I highly doubt drug court, or the doctors will want me on either of those.
I am very scared of two things. I'm scared of being on suboxone while pregnant because of the stigma and because of the withdrawals. But I am also scared that my sub doc will say..."well, you've only been on them for a week, let's just take you off." If I get taken off and say I am able to be on the other pain meds, I am afraid of abusing them and hurting the baby. If I get taken off and am not allowed to be on anything, I am afraid my blood pressure will sky rocket the whole pregnancy again, and baby will grow super slow and stop growing all together, just like what happened the other 2 times. They were terrifying pregnancies. Still birth was spoken of a lot.
So I guess my main question is, do you think my sub doctor may try to take me off of them since I've been on them so short term and was not in active opiate abuse? After just one week of taking 16mg a day, will I withdrawal? I see him this afternoon, and my OB in just a little bit. I just want to arm myself with as much information as possible going in there.
Without the subs, even just looking at where I was a couple of weeks ago, I would not feel it's time for a baby at all. I am married to an amazing man and have 2 beautiful daughters. We have awesome families. But my state of mind and my health has not been where it should be for a very very long time and I feel like this is saving my life.
Thank you for reading! Please give your input, I would greatly appreciate it!
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Hi Lauren and welcome to the forum~
Please don't stress out about this.  Your sub doctor should switch you to subutex versus suboxone.  Subutex is safer for pregnant women.  We have quite a few women that have had healthy babies while on subutex.  Hopefully, one of them will see your post and chime in.
Please be completely honest with your OB and your Sub doctor.  The only suggestion I personally would make is to lower your subutex dose.  16 mg is more than enough to curb your cravings.
Let us know how you come out, ok?
Thank you for your reply! I was most definitely thinking of lowering my dose. You don't think since I've only been on it a week he won't think "oh you won't go through withdrawal, better just get off"?
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Hello & Welcome!
Hope you do find your way back, like CIK said we do have many who have been on this med long term. I also agree with her about switching over to the subutex. I am a friend to a older Dr of mine, who I used to see in the past. He went to being a sub dr and tells me that if anything ever happen and I need a short term pain med, that subutex would be the way to go because of my long term addiction to many drugs. I have also read on here many times that the subs are used when women are pregnant. I would go as low as you can down to around a 2mg or 4mg. This med is a powerful one in it's own way. You can look it up. Also, look up addiction in a more scientific way and you will see why we can get so out of control on substances. However, we can take the steps to heal..Keep seeking that aftercare too. I do wish you & the baby all the best.
Thank you so much for your support! I truly appreciate it! I will speak to my sub doc in a little bit here, and ask about decreasing the dose, but staying on them.
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Hi!  Welcome!  I had my eldest child in 2008.  Found out I was pregnant in 2007 while on suboxone and they forced me to switch to methadone.  I live in PA so it may differ from state to state orbit may have changed since 2008.  I just tapered off methadone 10 days ago and there were recently pregnant women at my clinic who were on suboxone and also forced to switch.  I had all 3 of my babies whole on methadone at my local clinic and they were all born healthy and flourishing in life at 8, 6 and 9 months.  The first 2 had no withdrawal symptoms at all upon birth and the last child had very mild symptoms (sneezing and increased startle response the doctors said) but she still left the hospital with me and did not need meds or anything.  Regardless of what you are on there will be a risk of NAS weather it's suboxone, subutex, pain meds, methadone, etc.  just make sure you stay clean and follow whatever direction your doctors give you to ensure babies health and everything will work out.  Good luck!
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