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Is this all in my head??

I know this may seem petty to compared to what ever one else is going through, but i have a question about tramadol. I have been taking it for two plus months. I only took about 3 pills tops a day over the last few weeks and have weaned myself down to half a pill or 25 mg a day for the last couple of weeks with really very little problem. However everytime I try and stop taking that last 25mg I get anxious sick and all the other stuff associated with opiate withdrawals. Even when I try and cut the 25 in half i still can’t take it. Is this really happening? I want off this stuff so bad and started taking it with a script. I admit now I am getting it elsewhere so the withdrawal stays away. Any tips would be helpful. I am seriously thinking about going on Vicodin a couple of days and tapering off it. I know that sounds stupid but i am having problems. I also take concerta low dose but I am thinking of stopping that so to help withdrawals. I take the concerta off and on for a week which is also a script. Any advice please??
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Tramadol can be a bear to get off of.  There is really no way to get around the wd's.  The longer you take it the worse it will be.  Dont go the vicodin route as that stuff catches up to you quickly also.  Make sure to keep yourself hydrated.  Hot baths will help along with getting up and moving around as much as you can.  Remember that wd's are only temporary and you will get thru this.
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First, please try not to compare your experience with others.  What you are going through is YOUR experience and yours alone.  

Since you are now down to a half  Tram per day...25mgs, I would bite the bullet and just stop.  The does you're on is very small, and to start taking Vics to make yourself feel better, albeit, a short time, you are only putting off the inevitable.  

What you Can do to help yourself, is tell your dr what you're doing, then ask him for an rx for Clonidine.  This is a blood pressure med, but also used to help people through withdrawal.  It really works great!  Cuts down the sweats, the restless legs, and so on.  And if it doesn't help the pain in your legs, Hylands has a number of product out geared totally towards that reason.  Many people have sworn by it.  

So step one...talk to your dr.  Be honest, that the best way to go.  Use the Clonidine, they hylands, a small bit of aspirin or Ibuprofen for the aches, take plenty of vitamins, force yourself to eat, but most importantly, drink LOT'S of water.  At least 4 bottles a day to help flush your system out.

And last but not least, begin an exercise regimen.   Get walking.  Even if you only make it a few houses down at first, consider that a victory.  Slowly you will find yourself able to go further and further before you know it.  I know your legs with hurt, but exercise is the best thing for that.  I use a walking stick sometimes myself.  I used one of our 'alarms' we use in our windows.  He put a rubber end on one end of it, and it's really helped.  If I get to walking and no longer I feel I need it, I just carry it home.  

Again, you are on a low dose.  Please don't trade one addiction for another, that's never a good idea.  If you were taking tons of Trams, I might say 'maybe', but one a day, honey?... you can do this!    

And one more thing.  Because it sounds so scary, people try to do every thing they can to avoid withdrawal.  This is a myth, and simply not possible.  You've only been taking ONE a day, so try not to be too afraid, but just jump in and do it!  Take your last one, and tell yourself that that is over!!

From reading your post, it sounds like you're ready.  I wish you the best.  I have no doubt in my mind you can do this.  Before you know it, days are going to go by, and you will feel better and better each day.  

Also, please check out the Thomas Recipe.  It has helped countless people.  

I'll not only leave the link, but print it out for you here.  

https://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/1210734/Thomas-recipe-reposted?personal_page_id=1266986    ;

I wish you well.  Please let us know how you're doing.  
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The link didn't print like I meant it to.  So I copy and pasted again.  Just to save you some time....

Thomas Recipe Re-Posted

Comments in brackets are my thoughts.[ ]

[Warning. If you are on anti-Depressants, use medical supervision on L-Tyrosine, SamE and all mood enhancers. There can be a risk if taking L-Tyrosine, 5 HTP  if you are on a tricyclic  or a MAIO antidepressant's ...It can cause a spike in blood pressure.]
Thomas Detox Recipe

PLEASE NOTE: I am not a doctor, simply a long-time Rx opiate junkie who has had many opportunities to develop a way to detox. This is a recipe for at-home self-detox from opiates based on my experience as well as that of many other addicts. It is not intended as professional medical advice. It is always wise to make sure none of the recipe ingredients or procedures conflict with medications you may be taking. Likewise, if you have any medical condition, disease, allergy or any other health issue, consult your doctor before using the recipe. Thanks, Thomas

This recipe is designed for cold turkey opiate detox. It assumes that you can get about 5 to 7 days away from your job or household responsibilities during which you can sleep, veg and act as miserable as you feel. Opiate WD mimics the symptoms of the common flu, so, if you need a smokescreen, hide behind a bad case of the flu.

If you can't take time off to detox, I recommend you follow a taper regimen using your drug of choice or suitable alternate -- the slower the taper, the better.
For the Recipe, You'll nee

Imodium (over the counter, any drug or grocery store). [generic brand anti-diarrheal is fine. Don't take it unless really uncomfortable]
L-Tyrosine* (500 mg caps) from the health food store.* [See Warning]
Strong wide-spectrum mineral supplement with at least 100% RDA of Zinc, Phosphorus, Copper and Magnesium.
Vitamin B6 caps. [or stress B-complex?]
Access to hot baths or a Jacuzzi (or hot showers if that's all that's available). [many gyms offer free trials]
How to use the recipe

During detox, hit the hot bath or Jacuzzi as often as you need to for muscle aches. Don't underestimate the effectiveness of hot soaks. Spend the entire time, if necessary, in a hot bath. This simple method will alleviate what is for many the worst opiate W/D symptom. [I like Epsom salts in the tub. Forces Magnesium into the muscles]

Use the Imodium aggressively to stop the runs. Take as much as you need, as often as you need it. DON'T TAKE IT, however, if you don't need it.[Diarrhea is the bodies way to aid in the detox so take Immodium or generic for the comfort factor, if needed]

Upon rising (empty stomach), take the L-Tyrosine*. Try 2000 mg, and scale up or down, depending on how you feel. You can take up to 4,000 mg. Take the L-Tyrosine* with B6 to help absorption. Wait about one hour before eating breakfast. The L-Tyrosine* will give you a surge of physical and mental energy that will help counteract the malaise. You may continue to take it each morning for as long as it helps. If you find it gives you the "coffee jitters," consider lowering the dosage or discontinuing it altogether. Occasionally, L-Tyrosine* can cause the runs. Unlike the runs from opiate W/D, however, this effect of L-Tyrosine* is mild and normally does not return after the first hour. Lowering the dosage may help. [*Read the Warning first! *L-Tyrosine* is great. *SamE 400* mg works for mood too]

With breakfast, take the mineral supplement.

As soon as you can force yourself to, get some mild exercise such as walking, cycling, swimming, etc. This will be hard at first, but will make you feel considerably better. [Walking gets the blood and lymph systems working, helping you detox better.]

PLEASE NOTE: If you have any medical complications, first check with your doctor before detoxing to verify that this regimen is safe for you. [Very important note]

[WARNING If you are on anti-Depressants, use medical supervision on L-Tyrosine, SamE and all mood enhancers. There can be a risk if taking L-Tyrosine, 5 HTP  if you are on a tricyclic  or a MAIO antidepressant's ...It can cause a spike in blood pressure.]
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First of all thank you for the answers. What I am not sure of is this... I just quit smoking after smoking 3 or 4 cigarettes a day for a week. I already have severe anxiety and plus I am trying to stop taking concerta and to top it off I was taking high doses of magnesium for the back pain. I think i over did the magnesium. I heard too much can cause anxiety also. Anyway with all this I am not sure what is going on. It may not be the tramadol. I went and took an RBC Magnesium test to see if mine was too high. All of this going on is hard to pinpoint what is what. I hate tramadol and I have been through this before. I know Sarah real well l. I used to be Chaddavis333 but lost my passwords and had to switch names. Plus I am borderline hypothyroid. Anyway thanks for the answers. I hope I can just jump off at this point
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Hi chaddavis!!  You have a ton on your plate right now with smoking, concerta, tramadol and magnesium.  I think i would work on the tramadol and lowering the dose of magnesium first.  Was the concerta helping?  I just am worried with your anxiety this would be too much all at once.
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Chad were  you prescribed the tramadol?
Are you taking the concerts as prescribed?
that can also cause panic.
You have had anxiety for some time now. What are you doing to test your anxiety?
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Sorry just now getting back to you .  At first the tramadol was prescribed but I continue to take it after I was getting withdrawals after running out . The concert was prescribed and I’ve been taking it as prescribed not abusing he The concert was prescribed and I’ve been taking it as prescribed not abusing it.  to be honest all these combinations are really scaring me so I’m doing exactly what I’m supposed to be doing . Thanks for all the comments! Good to hear from you again Sarah
Chad I wish you well.with your meds and adjusting to what you need to do for them and your overall health.
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Have you stopped the tramadol?
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Well now something else is happened I had it to go bad and had to get a major root canal in the front one in the pain is unbearable so they did put me on bike it in a very low-dose in the doctor knows about my addictions so today’s the first day I have not had any tramadol and I’m scared of it I’m scared because of the serotonin aspect of it I guess I’m wanting a free lunch or a no there’s no such thing I’m sorry for all this doesn’t make sense I’m driving and doing voice to text thank you for asking though Sarah it’s just crazy that I would have with drawls all I throw your hat
We disregard most of that post that I just did it makes absolutely no sense I was doing voice to text driving in some of the sentences are crazy
How are things going?  Is the tooth better?    I have tried that voice to text and it is always been a disaster!!
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Yes it does cause shortness of breath. The worst drug to withdrawal from after long term use is Tramadol. Hands down, no contest. Tramadol withdrawl will kick your ass for two months if you lucky. 6 months if your unlucky. Remember this.
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