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Is this possible?

Took my last H fix on Sunday April 1st then Monday April 2nd when wd started took 2 8mg subs then Tuesday April 3 took one 8mg sub and Wednesday April 4 my last 8 mg sub (I only took subs for 3 days) Now its Sunday April 8th still feel good no wd may be I'm one of the lucky ones too , may be because I took subs for 3 days and hopefully have beaten the big bump of withdrawal.  Someone tell me its possibly I know everyone's body is different but I heard my type of story many times and they are still clean no wd.
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How are you doing now?
Its the Wed the 11th last time I took the sub was last Wed the 3rd its been  I still feel good. Is this possible? Still no withdrawals sleeping normal bowel movements, I think I confused my body with the subs and only used it for e days.
Suppose to say used the subs for only 3 days may be that's why it worked.
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Consider yourself lucky if you havent felt any wd's.  Are you going to do any recovery care?  That is very vital.  Congrats on getting clean!
I said the same thing before but my answer wasn’t printed.  Why?
Hey Kelcoo we are in the same boat been 8 days since last sub still no wd, I hope ur doing good how u feeling?
Answer back to u dominosarah: Thank you and I've been to too many rehabs but finally feel free I didn't want to be done before that's why I relapsed I have a good support group and know a lot about meetings and what to do for urges. Really different subject; by any chance you call ur self domino because of the Roman Republic the Domina of the house. Just saying cause my name is Rome always was into the Ancient Rome.
No I left a comment about using subs to get of H which was years ago but it worked for me.  It was in a hospital setting and the doc did a sub taper over 7 days.  I was fatigued and weak but not sick.  I would recommend this for any H users!!
Oh I also mentioned aftercare but you addressed that question:)
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