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Its That Time! August 2014 Roll Call!!

Here we are in a new month. This year is sure flying by. So, this is where you post your clean time OR if your not clean but lurking...you introduce yourself. You dont have to be clean to post here. This is a place where we meet and share encouragement and hope.

So, I will start. I'm ABN and tomorrow I will have 4 1/2 years clean. May God continue to bless you all!

Go Dodgers!
Go Cowboys!
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Hey y'all lovely angel peeps! .......341 days today .....congrats all!!  You are amazing!.....
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2 days. I guess that's not a recovery yet though?
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13 days off suboxone.  Brutally tough couple days.  So difficult to work n deal with clients, but I have no choice.  Chills, hot flashes n no energy.  Sorry to vent......  this is tough.    Can't wait till next Summer when I can post "1year clean"
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20 days finally felt decent today. Xo
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Lu here.  My tracker reads 970 Days.  I have been working recovery for 970 days.  I am currently using opiates for pain control before an upcoming surgery that I believe will cure me long enough to have the baby I so desperately want (:
By this time next year I will be PILL FREE AND PREGNANT!  Fingers and toes crossed (:

I am 4 months clean from cigarettes after a brief relapse- before that I had 14 months.

I am so proud of everyone on this forum.  Keep fighting for your freedom people!  Together we are STRONG (:
Much love
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Hi....a big congrats to all on this list weather it be a day or month or years clean we all do this ''just for today''....as for me it is 1748 days without methadone or opiates ..and 33months of of benzos I work the N/A program and still go to 4 meetings a week it is a cheep price to pay to be clean........................Gnarly........................................
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