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Its Time....December Roll Call!

Has anyone heard from Tomskat? Hoping and praying shes alright. For those that dont know....she's usually the one who does the monthly roll calls however she hasn't in a while. Hoping shes just too busy. Well...since she didn't post it again, here I go. This is where you share how long you've been clean and encourage others. It doesn't matter if your 1 day or 100 years, we want to hear about it.

I want to wish my Med Help family a Merry Christmas and hope that everybody gets through it clean and on to a wonderful 2014 new year!
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I guess I will start...according to my tracker I'm at 1407 days clean and free!
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I am grateful for 77 days clean,I got up and brushed off the dust.  I am forever grateful for finding this site and for my MH family.
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2 months for me.
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Congrats Brandi and Tooter! You are both doing great! Hope you continue and have a blessed holidays.
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233 days.
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127 days :)... I was wondering if anyone has hear from msimdoinit????
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51 days off of opiates and 5 days off Benzos.  
Thanks for doing the roll call ABN, I like to see everyone's progress; it inspires me.
I am so grateful for the MH site and for all the support and love that is so freely given!!
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Well im here, and after a few slip UPS, I guess truly I'm only 3 days clean from any opiates!  But I'm here to stay, I'm a fighter and survivor!!!
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389 days and feeling so blessed!!  thanks for the post ABN!!  and hope everyone has a safe and blessed Christmas!!  
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I have 190 days, which makes me so happy. I can tell everyone coming through in the early days, it gets better, I promise you all, truly it does, ;)

Thanks for this ABN, I wish you and everyone else a happy Christmas and a brilliant 2014, we got this peeps, chins up, ;)
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443 days from the drug store or streets
3531 from the Bar

I am trying to hold on considering my News today..AGAIN!!!!!
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44 Days by the Grace of God!!! Thank You MH for all your love and support!!
Lets all pray for VicCourageous during this hard time with her father just passing and the new news of her Mom. She has been an inspiration to me and so many others. Praying for her strength during this incredibly hard time and peace and healing for her and her Momma!
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95 Days for those embarking on this journey it may be hard but it can be done....My prayers with Vic and Lesa....and all of those beginning and still walking this road.
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I just concluded day 12, so almost 2 weeks!   I have been fighting the lethargy and trouble concentrating that come with PAWS but i have noticed that even in the still early stage it does get a little better every day.

This is the second time in the past few years ive come clean and this forum really is a godsend, especially when you have no idea what to expect, you're scared and you are pretty much going
It alone.  

Looking forward to starting the new year clean and not with a resolution to get clean!
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108 and feeling great!  Boom chucka lucka ..boom, boom chucka lucka, boom!  .........weeeeeeeeeeeel, for the MOST part.  Peace out! :o}
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98 days for me!! Whoot whoot!! Who knew . . . . . . . .
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I am so grateful for 9 days clean. I would have had almost 50 days clean if I didn't relapse for a week on 11/26. No looking back. Feeling like myself again and am so grateful to my God for holding me up. I also wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy Healthy New Year.  Kat
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Spidey...You are ca....ra.....zy....!!!  Love you girlfriend!! You are awesome.
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Sending you peace, hope and love Vic at this challenging time in your life.  I'm always here if you need to talk!!  Kat
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180-days clean today!  This site was the genesis of my recovery, thanks to advice and encouragement of the good, compassionate people on this forum.  Let's soldier-on, brothers and sisters!
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11 days.  Congrats everyone!  This site is fantastic....
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366 days /soma 363 days / hydro 363/4-6 cups of coffee.. I just had a cup today to celebrate.. Now I'm jittery lol
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Thanks Evan! 351 Days.
These Roll Call Threads Recharge My Batteries & Make Me So Proud Of This Special Place Full Of Special People. Just Grateful, today..Thanks All. ;))
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