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It's the big 6-0 for Starshine!!!!

Yes, folks that is correct. Starshine has 60 huge days under her belt. It has been a very rough road for you Starshine, but you have made it through showing us all how strong and determined you are.You are such a kindhearted person who is always trying to help not only her friends, but strangers as well. Thank you for all that you do for each and every one of us. (I know you've been there for me many, many times!) Congratulations on your 60 days! I am so incredibly proud of you! I wish you nothing but peace and happiness on your big day my friend and beyond. Let's keep those days coming and soon we'll be celebrating years!!!  Yay Starshine!!!!  :)
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Massive Props to you on your 60 days SuperNova! YOU, my friend inspire & humble me @ the most unexpected times. I admire the way you've fought tooth & nail for this in really difficult circumstances. I'd also like to thank you for your words of encouragement/kindness to me & to everyone else. I just wanted to let you know that you're so worthwhile & that we love you, my friend. Keep knockin' those days back! A celebratory '70's song for ya':

Nobody does it better
Makes me feel sad for the rest
Nobody does it half as good as you
Baby, you're the best                      

'Nobody Does It Better' (By Carly Simon)
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Congrats to you ms. Starshine... You truly are SHINING!
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That's just........................................

               ██▀▀█▄─────────────────────────── ──────██▄▄█▀.█▀.█▀█.█─█.▀█▀.█.█▀.█─█.█───── ──────██▀▀█▄.█▀.█▀█.█▄█.─█─.█.█▀.█▄█.█▄──── ─────▄██▄▄█▀.▀▀.───.───.─▀─.█...───────────

Congrats K!

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Awesome job K . it seems like you have been here forever. Those first 60 are tough. Keep up the great job friend !!  ;))))))))))))))
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Haha! OMG ABN You are just having a Ball with this!!!

Dear Star...I was here when you first came on and you would try so hard and then give up and try again. You never left this site and You had SO many struggles, but still hung out. I always call you our Special Girl on here. I have seen you come out from the nest and try to fly like a Bird. I know it is not to easy to fly right at first but you will be flying like a Eagle soon. Very, Very Proud of you my sweet, kindhearted friend. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!
Bless Always!
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Congrats Starshine!!!!! Way to go.... 60 Big ones. I know how amazing it feels to hit that 60 days. Awesome job and we will soon see you at 90!!!!!
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Congrats on those hard earned 60 days K!!  You are doing great!  Keep up the good fight my friend!! Just amazing!! So proud of you!!!! :)))

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OMG...I feel it's the oscars with this...You guys MY MAIN CREW: Ric, V,Lisa, Dig, Evan(your fonts are righteous! dude! lol) Annie and ANGELA!This is beautiful....You guys are better than N/A I tell ya...some come on here and some go...but you guys are really SO caring...Words can't say :) ty..

Best thing on here is we are all human, warts and all.....
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Congratulations K, so proud of you my friend. It was a hard slog for both of us coming through this detox together but we had a good giggle along the way. Can you remember the track which helped you find me in the dark, Bread-Guitar Man!!! I think that was my first song on here and you were so quick to say, cool song dude, lol. You were a good friend to me K and I will never forget you for that, so thank you. The wind is well and truly back in your sails now.

By the way I don't have warts, lmao, ;)
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YAY  KAREN!!!!!! (Sorry! Just had to get one more in!)  ;)
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Congrats on 60 days~
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Congratulations Karen! Make your recovery number one in your life.
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congrats! we knew you would do it! Now stay on the path, keep your eye on the goal, and when some times get a little rough ,stay the course, because the rough times just become fewer and fewer until they are gone.

You are doing great and we are so happy for you!
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I keep trucking...waterLilly7: ty for your encouragment....:)

Robert: ty..I'm learning..:)
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Congratulations on 60 days!  Forget all the obstacles and bumps in the road - you just keep knocking them down and blowing them away!  I've seen you grow so much and get stronger and stronger as time has gone by.  Your commitment to this has been clear since the beginning; you never gave up and now can really start to enjoy the benefits.  I am so happy for you Star, you deserve all good things to come.  And thank you so much for all of the support and encouragement you have given me and so many others.  You truly inspire me!  Congrats again :))
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Oh Yes Star, I forgot to say thinks for making me Laugh so much and give me Support as well.
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Julie and V: if I could do anything for you guys...man I'd be proud for sure! :) Your like monarchs to me :)
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Ok, so there were too many great posts for me to choose a best answer. I decided to consult with Karen since this was her big 60 day post and we came up with Miss EvolverU. Everyone was awesome though. This is just such a great community!
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congratulations on your sixty, that is just super!
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Wow I was just thinking about how u were doing and I stumble across this awesome post!!!!  Over 60 days clean!!!!!   You are my little rock star!!!!!  I'm so proud of u Karen!!!!!!   (Tears of joy for u my friend).  U have fought so hard and have shown me and many others how this can be beat!!!!  So happy for u!!!!!!!! Love always your friend Chris
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I can NOT wait til' I'm where you are now!!!  I am SO proud of you for your days!!!!!! WOOO HOOOOO!!! :)
5846921 tn?1426450611
I KNOW how you feel on that note!!!  HUGGGGS~!!!!!!
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