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I've been taking opiates for 20 years seeking advice in withdrawal.

I'm in my 50's. I started using drugs and drinking at age 12, but have been sober not touched a drink in 15 years.
I had major back surgery 20 years ago spinal fusion and a bunch of other stuff. I was prescribed a combination of pain killers that I immediately was addicted too. Now my prescribed dose is 8 hydro morphcontin 12 mg tabs a day.
just to stay normal, they recently switched my to the new Oxycontin gummy bears and want me on Suboxone this winter when I will be off work.
The Oxy's I take now are 7- 40 mg's every 24 hours, and I ran out two days ago and can't fill my script until later this week. I'm in about as bad a shape as you can imagine after decades of this drug being in my system to be out of it. The new Oxy's wore off alot faster than the hydro morphcontin did and required more of them to keep normal for lack of a better word.
Needless to say I'm in a bad way.
Any help to get me to survive this would be welcoming.
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What I can say is that I'm sorry for where you're at right now.  I know this ***** and you feel like warmed over ****.  Things I did when I went through w/d were HOT epsom salt bathes ( like 5/6 a day), take 3 200mg Motrin every 4 hours, drink lots of water and gatorade and take Immodium for the bathroom visits.  
Are you looking to quit or just make it until you can refill your script?
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Hello I was on a huge amount of oxy 200 mg  day please by my doc for my back I needed more and more running out early counting them it was a horrible way to live I went to a detox center got off of that crap I feel a million times better I use non narcotic meds manage my pain now I must say I feel the best I have felt in yrs I'm 43 it was rough coming off that crap I'm 90 days clean please take a long look at yourself ask do I need these meds or want them this site saved my life we can help you if you want the help
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if your running out ,you have a problem that's only gonna get worse...I too am in my 50s ..58.....didn't go one day in the last 10 yrs without using the oxys.....had no choice but to taper down to 60 mg daily and went cold turkey then...im on day 14 and feel great...still have anxiety now and then and sleeping only 4 hrs a nite  but its do-able.....if I were you id run not walk from suboxen....the withdraws are 100x worse.....but you gotta really be wanting to quit and tired of being chained to the pills...actually I feel better now than when I was taking them...who woulda thunk that.....good luck
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