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Keeping your guard up during holidays....

So, just a reminder to all of us that know that holidays are a big trigger for using, keep in touch with other recovering addicts....don't slack off on meetings...take a breath and slow down!!!  I have always found that when I overload myself, I think about using.  When my fear of expectations is showing, I think about using.  Using during the holidays was so necessary for me ( I thought ) and God forbid my dealers not answer their phones!!!  lol
Calling my dealers, scheming the local dr's, making sure that I had enough to cover me until the following Monday, when clinics would open again.  These were all necessities of my addiction.  Today, I don't have to do that, but I've also had to work really hard on releasing some of my expectations.  Everything DOESN'T  have to be perfect...I do the best I can today and that's all I can do....today I'm ok with that.  

Hopefully, people will be on these boards for the next couple of days more than normal to share and help anyone in need.  Come on here and ask for help!!!  We did when we first got clean.  As long as you don't use, your ok.

Have a great holiday.....eat alot and enjoy your families.

Melissa B.
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Thank you for the positive encouragement!
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Both of you have given me reminders here that I wouldn't have "heard" before my relapse. Thanks for your continued presence in this forum. "Guard up"... I like it. :)
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I read your post a few times and each time i thought the same thing..as insane as chasing that high was and how nauseating it sounds to me now it would take just one time for me to let my guard down and go right back to were i started with my active addiction.  I simply love my life now but i have to always be on guard.  Early in my recovery i had a friend on here who would message me and he always ended his note to me "guard up".  I have never forgotten that and i live those words he instilled in me.  I needed to see this tonight, not becuz i am struggling today, just a nice reminder of how far i have come and those who have helped me along the way.  Thank you Motey for delivering this message that i hold so close to my heart~
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