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Last day weaning. "L-tyrosine" amazing vitamin

I'm in the " don't look back" relapse isn't an option. First time addicted, last
Time ill ever detox,  surgery will always be  ibuprofen high dose, oxy
Was hell, I'm day 23, been weaning since nov 7. The mental part has made
It hell.  Wrestles leg that shows up once a week.spuratic, sick,well,sick....
Finally this week I started mon and tue on itty bitty 5 mg day taking 2 1/2
Mg 2 x day, we'd and thur where 2. 1/2 mg per day. Yesterday  was actually
Itty crumbs before being in public.   I stopped by the vitamin shop finally and
Oh my. God.     "L Tyrosine"   Saving grace.   It supports neurotransmitter
Production.   I felt normal last night. I bought some restless leg stuff, took
It, not sure I needed it.
   So many things to realize ,  I was up till 12-1 am for 2 yrs, now I'm in bed at
10:30 like normal people.   My guess and without a doubt I get it, is relapse
Because once week 1 the mental part is hard,  take this vitamin, it helps my brain.
23 days to detox at my speed, I took oxy when I couldn't stand and once I
Lowered the bar ( dose) I never returned higher. U can do it, it's a mother, but
Like the gal at the vitamin shop said, she's seen so man people deteriorate
From oxy......... Never again !  !   I'm on 150 mg of Wellbutrin, that's it. And
A few over the counter.  Hey some days are bad, headaches started yesterday,
But feel outta the woods,   The thought of oxy makes me sick, I hate it. Never ever
Wanna touch it.     Stay tuff,, and.  If anyone has. Vitamins u think are a good
Follow up for next few months, chime in.   This sites helpful.   Also remember u
Feel weird, but strangers don't know, it's just paranoid. Close family can tell but
They're ur support. Come out better and stronger than ur fake best day on the
Illusion of oxy. It's the devil and will rob u of everything.
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