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Laxative dependancy that started because of methadone. How can I go back to normal?

So, I have been dependant on laxatives for almost a year now. At first, I was only taking Metamucil and it was working great. However, one day I ran out of Metamucil, and like an idiot I took dulcalax tabs that my mom had to go. The next day I got Metamucil and it had stopped working, for 3 days I was constipated so I took dulcalax again. Eventually I ended up getting lactulose from my meth doc. but this wasn't working either, so I started taking more..and more...I was taking about 18 tbsps. of lactulose by the 6th month, every other day to go...and I went to a doctor who seems to not know much. He gave me Peglyte instead and senacot with soflax. So then I was taking 1-2 cups peglyte and 4senacot and 1 soflax at night and in morning. All it does is give watery stool and make it difficult to get out. I tried stopping peglyte and only taking Senacot and soflax, and it was working for a few days and then I was prescribed Tylenol 3's for a tooth extraction..and got really constipated and it stopped working. Now I am completely backed up again and taking the peglyte...I feel like I have 5 litres of liquid in my stomach. I hate this life! Please tell me how I can fix this! is it even possible to get off laxatives while on a high methadone dose? Pleasee Help
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I want to help but I need to know if you are still on methadone. Stopping both the meth and the laxatives is the only real way to solve this. Are you still using it?
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I'm sorry,  I see now that you said you are. The best answer is too start tapering down and get off the methadone with your doctors help. Once you get down to a low enough dose you will have no problem going to the bathroom. Another good reason to quit.
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