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Lesson learned...

... I began detox 6 days ago (quick taper/then CT). Ive been sleeping wrong on my neck and it feels like someone has tied a weight to my head, dragging me down. Ugh!

So, here's the lesson I learned... One that ya'll may find help as well:

Taking even ONE pain pill so soon in my detox set me back to the way I felt at day 3. It's a miserable day.

So if you're arguing with yourself and having a conversation like this: "I'm doing so well, one or two pills won't hurt and I only need it temporarily  to get a little relief." then PLEASE STOP NOW... because "just one" can hurt and it only drags out the W/D symptoms.  We've come too far to take steps backward!

I hate pills... just as much as I love them. *sigh*
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Thanks Good Advise   Hope you Do well
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Thank you...I have worn my typing fingers to to bone posting about not keeping pills around if you really want to detox because your head, the "voice", WILL start talking to you. "Just one won't hurt; just one to help me sleep; just one for a few hours of relief and then back at it"...Lies, lies, lies.
And you nailed it - if you have pills you will decide to reward yourself for the progress you've made getting clean. An oxymoron.
So it is important to flush any pills that you still have, cancel any refills, and get out from behind your secret, otherwise you'll relapse behind it.
Thanks again...
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Hey allformykids......Amazing post. So true......
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You are so right. Glad you figured it out so fast. When I would take "just one" to_______ fill in the blank, I went through 1000's before I stopped again. One is to many and 1000 is never enough. Thanks for that reminder.
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