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Looking for medical assisted in patient opiate detox in Arizona

Hi- I have a couple severe chronic pain conditions and have been on fairly high doses of opiate pain meds since 2005. Currently on a combo of extended and immediate release morphine totaling 180mg/day.

My pain doc thinks hyperalgesia is now making me worse and recommends a wash-out, get off opiates and have a clean slate to look at non-narcotic options for pain.

My pain dr is suggesting a medically assisted “rapid detox” inpatient program (but doesn’t know of any) as we are 100+ miles from major city. NOT the type where you are put under general anesthesia, using narcan etc for hours or days. He says I should be able to find a facility that uses IV meds and other meds to treat withdrawal symptoms and you are sedated but not unconscious. This should take 5-7 days (?).

Does anyone know of any clinics- especially in or near Arizona—  where this type of treatment is done?

Just FYI - I have done very slow taper from 300mg//day to 180mg/day over about 6-7 months and it was horrible, even with clonidine, zofran etc. My dr says the withdrawal gets harder the lower you go and I can’t handle the symptoms along with the debilitating symptoms of my chronic conditions.

Thanks in advance for any help and suggestions. Diane.
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Have you tried diclofenac- I had 12 major surgeries to put me back together again after I was hurt as a Marine. I do not abuse my meds ever, and I voluntarily went from ms contin than fentanyl because I don't want to be too doped up. I am now an exec at a company. Anyhow- I recently had my left knee replaced for a second time and the surgeon prescribed the above, and it is a very strong NSAID, but boy does it help.
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Hi my friend Basslady!  How is it going?  Have you made any headway in finding your best option for inpatient care?  Let me know how you are doing.  hugs
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Hi mombojambo! Thanks for checking on me. I completed 5 days at a medically assisted detox facility in Scottsdale AZ and I’m off all opiates- the withdrawal wasn’t too bad due to the subutex (a rapid 5day taper) and the “comfort meds” for the symptoms. But now, I’m left with the horrendous neuropathy from untreated Lyme for 20 years. I’m working with my pain management provider to find non narcotic meds to treat horrific whole-body neuropathy but it doesn’t look promising - thanks for remembering me!
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Hi I am a 39yr old male from mass n have been on opiates for 10+yrs for a severe back injury in my late 20s. The day of the injury I was immediately put on oxycodone n OxyContin,(not knowing what these would do)to help me walk n to stop the crying I could not because of the pain, besides they were docs n had my best interest in mind, right? I was wrong, this went on for months till 1 day the doc goes I think ur addicted n I cutting u off(messed up, I know), mind you I come from a family that never has even seen drugs let alone done them so I had no clue what I was in for, then the hell started, I had some money saved up which I ended up blowing in meds to feel normal n eventually was out of money n my head so I found a doc that would fast track me what they called methadone at the time(which I knew nothing about), fast forward to the present n hear I am 10yrs later addicted to 120mg methadone a day n 3mg ativan to help w stomach issues n miserable , oh and I have 9yr old son that I love so much n wanna be better for. I was recently thinking about that rapid detox everyone is talking about n I have heard some horror stories but no good ones, is it really that bad of a idea for people on dose like I am? Also only place I found that did it was the Waissman Method at a hospital in California, or a Canadian clinoc(bunch up there) or Mexice(no thanks).  If anyone has any help for me or questions please please feel free to post or Direct Message me.
                   Sincerely Brian from Mass
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Also try 10000Beds, it’s a grant program to help addicts, also local churches will sometimes help w cost if u find one, also there are scholarship programs for treatment, try googling detox scholarships n see what comes up. Brian
To Brian2000: I understand your situation and how you are feeling- trapped? I did find a good place and I’m here right now and I’m getting great care and am doing better- getting off the opiates without bad withdrawal symptoms. Google Gallus Detox in Scottsdale AZ (also soon opening another in Colorado). I’m feeling well taken care of, they know what they are doing. If you are serious about getting off drugs CALL them.
Bass lady that is awesome.  May I ask what they are using to get you off the opiates? Please keep us posted.
Hi Kelcoo- They are using a standard subutex taper but they are very very careful to be sure to get the timing right so you don’t go into that horrible precipitated withdrawal if you start too soon after the last dose or fix of opiates. They give a number of “comfort meds” both pills and IV to treat withdrawal symptoms- toradol and Robaxin for pain, vistaral and others for anxiety, stuff for nausea and more. I’ve been very pleased with both the skill and the personalities of all the nurses and techs. It’s small- max 6 people- but you are only here for 5-7 days as it’s only a detox.
Thank you Basslady for sharing this.  This type of inpatient is the best IMO. I went for a 7 day detox and they did the same thing.  It was painless.  I was one of the first patients in Oregon to receive Subutex for detox.  Of course mine was years ago but I don’t hear of it too much now.  Nowadays they tend to want you to be on Suboxone forever.  I’m very pleased for you.  
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Hi Diane, welcome to the forum.  Wow, you are so calm and articulate about this situation!!  It sounds like you have a good and understanding doctor.  Where do they think you should go?  They've recommended this to you so should be able to provide some thoughts on locations.  Otherwise, I'd use your search bar and put in your address or close to your zip code with the exact specifications you are looking for. You should pull up a list that way and begin making calls to them.  Your insurance company (would this go through insurance?) may also be able to direct you.  Let me know what you find out.  I am sure you are really scared about this process sweetie.  I feel for you.  
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Thanks mombojimbo for your very thoughtful reply. I may sound calm (probably due to my background as an RN- haven’t been able to work in years) but I’m anything BUT calm when I think about going thru this process. I’m really scared mostly that I will be left in severe pain when off the morphine, but my pain dr thinks I’ll be the same or less because he thinks I’m worse from hyperalgesia. And we are kinda in a rural area and it would be nice if he knew of a facility but he said the same thing- google it.

Which I have- as well as asking another of my docs (psychiatrist who also does addiction treatment) and she did give me one lead. This place mostly looks ok but a couple things seem a bit sketchy and make me nervous. So I was just putting it out there to see if anyone knew of a place in AZ or nearby.

My insurance won’t pay so there’s that. Sigh. I feel so trapped!!

Thank you for your empathy- take care - D
Ah, honey.  Yes, I'm sure it is terrifying, the thought of the process, what it will be like, the fear of the pain.  Just gotta get you there. You sound brave and ready to do it!  I'm sure I won't give you anything you haven't found yourself but I tried a search: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/treatment-rehab/opiate-drug-detox/arizona Those are probably all the treatment facilities.  But there seems to be a rapid detox offering near Prescott if you are at all close to that? That's going to cost a lot out of pocket but if you are paying a pretty penny for this, then that gives you the freedom to go anywhere you want.  You can shop cost even of programs. Just have to factor in getting you there. Got anyone who can drive you?
Hi again mj (I hope you don’t mind me shortening your handle- it keeps autocorrecting to other things!)
You are so sweet to try and help and look up facilities- the one you found in Prescott is closed now but the one I’m looking at in Phoenix is owned by same dr. Reviews seem good- I’m waiting for the director of nursing to call me back so I can ask about and confirm some clinical/medical issues. I’ve been badly “burned”
in the past- 8 years ago- by a place for chronic pain/addiction/dual diagnosis in San Diego that the show Intervention and Dr Phil we’re sending people to for help from this supposed expert doctor in chronic pain. While I was there, it was nothing like it was advertised and the place was raided by the DEA and licensing board because the doctor was abusing opiates!! So I am VERY cautious and jaded about these types of places.
And needless to say I didn’t get the treatment I needed.
I do have someone to drive me, and although expensive, we can manage it. Now I just need a few questions answered (the right way) and I’ll be able to go.
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