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Lost and alone pain pills

December 7th 2010, would forever change my life. I fell at work walking out the back door and fell and broke my leg, from there life just went in a downward depressing spiral. 5 years later I still can't bend my knee like a normal person, squat kneel ride a bike run jump climb stairs and the list goes on. I have been on all different types of pain pills. Everything has always been ligite because I have prescriptions. People that don't know what it's like to be in pain have no idea. About 2 months ago I was going to be short about a week for taking more. So I took what I had left and went cold turkey first few days were extrly hard and everyday got easier. I had called my prescription in for a refill the week before this all happened so it was still at the Drs to be picked up. My husband thinks I'm not taking them anymore, but I ended up going back to them and picked the script up and it kills me to have to keep this secret, and I'm going to be short again this month, Idk what to do, I have a beautiful life and have no reason to be depressed, I need help and I don't know what to do if anybody has a similar story or can relate I would love to hear from you I feel alone alot in this life
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Hi and Welcome!
It is a scary place to find yourself/myself in....when we finally realize we are destroying our lives!  Depending on these pills to live is just existing not living...
When you are ready to stop this is a great place to do it!!!  There is tons of encouragement and wisdom here!!  
The thought of life without the pills is scary and so is the thought of detox!  But it is so much easier than we make it out to be in our heads!  Its NOT easy but so worth it!!
I also found that once I was off the pills for awhile my pain was so much less than it was when I was on them!!! You will hear that from lots of us!!!
When you are ready to jump just keep on posting and someone is always around to encourage you!!!  
So glad you found us!!!!   ♡  
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I was addicted to pain pills (tramadol) for 3 yrs. Started taking them for severe lower back pain and had legit script as well. I know what you are going through. I also have a hubby and 2 small boys and one day I decided enough was enough. I went cold turkey alone but I did use lopeamide to help with withdrawals. It helps alot. I have been off them for 4 months and feel completely 100 percent again. It takes time and It isn't easy going alone and you have to really really want to stop. I understand you said you are still dealing with alot of pain. Have you talked with a dr about trying to slowly taper off the pills and maybe try a different alternative? I'm here if you just need support or have anymore questions. Hang in there.
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you sound a lot like me when I found this board several years ago.  Scared and unsure of what I wanted.   I just knew somehow I needed to make a change.  The pills had over taken my life and I was afraid.  I was afraid of the pain and yet knew the pills were no longer the answer.  Stay here and let us help you.  There is no easy fix, but it is fixable.  This group helped me so much.  Glad you are here.
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Do you think you have a prob w/ pain pills? Do you think you've developed an addiction vs a dependence?
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