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Methadone - Good Idea Or Not?

Hi everyone,

I have been on a suboxone program since March off this year but have failed twice. Screwed up again last month so have been kicked off the program. My drugs worker says that I could go back on suboxone or give methadone a try? Can anyone give me advice on methadone or what I should do? Anything would be appreciated as I really have no idea what to do and I have until tomorrow to give her my answer!!!

Thanks x
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HI welcome to the forum....well  after spending 6 1/2 yrs on methadone I could never recommend it to anyone ...the side effects su ck and then when you finely get sick of it and want to get off the withdrawals are awful it took me 90 days just to start to feel better
I dont have personal experience with sub but have read a lot about it here on the forum
sub has helped a lot of people some have came off it tapering down with eaze others have really struggled to get off it....you wont know what you get till you try it so its a gamble
what are you doing now??? if not on sub are you taking anything to keep you out of withdrawals...??...if you can your best move is to just try to go without ether and just go threw the withdrawals the real key here is aftercare if your on a program or not both N/A or A/A offer free programs if not that try a substance abuse conslor but seek out some form of aftercare addiction wont just go away because your taking sub or methadone you need to treat it you can learn the skills and tools you will need to stay clean and sober but it is a learning experience its going to require some participation in a program to get past this....good luck and God bless......Gnarly    
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Can you tell us exactly what happened that you were kicked out of the program, and what you mean by "failed?"  If you mean you tried to jump off the Sub and couldn't handle the withdrawal, that's a totally different animal than relapse.
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I don't know your exact situation but Metadone is HIGHLY addictive and extremely difficult to get of of.  It's also a hassle.  You would like have to go to a clinic to get dosed daily for a long period of time.  I would not recommend that course.  I was on it for many years.  If your symtoms are not are not dibilitating now, don't do either Sub or Meth.  Get ramped down with non opiate drugs (Clonidine, muscle relaxers, something for sleep).
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Methadone and suboxone are both opioids used for maintenance drugs.  I am familiar with both and would recommend neither.  Typically people opt for one of these drugs because of the difficulty in getting off their drug of choice, but in the end they usually realize it would have been easier and faster to detox from their drug of choice.
Please give a lot of consideration to this before making any decision about taking methadone or suboxone.  
There are remedies in the health pages that can help alleviate some of the pain associated with withdrawals...and as others have pointed out, aftercare is an essential element to recovery.  Best of luck and continue posting, there are alot of good people here to help you.  This is an excellent outlet for you as well.
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Well I was a complete idiot. I took some valium and then spent all the money that I needed for college on heroin. Because I was out of head on valium, I didn't go and pick up my suboxone for a week and a half so they took me off the program. What I mean by 'failed' is that I get drug tested by my drugs counsellor every two weeks and I failed the drug test, that was the first time and the second time was just this time recently. I have been speaking to my drugs counsellor today and she said that she can get me started on suboxone on Tuesday so I've decided to stick with the suboxone - but this is my last attempt - if I fail this time then I will have to try something else.
Gnarly_1 - At the moment I am having to use. I am just using enough 'to make me feel normal' I know that I shouldn't be doing it but I don't have a choice. On Monday is the last day I can use as I start the suboxone program on Tuesday, I am so glad because I hate this life. Hopefully, this time around I can make it work.
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