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Methadone for a quick taper off long time opiate addiction?

I have fifteen 10mg methadone pills that I want to use for a quick taper from my 14 yr addiction to any opiate. Tabs and Percs mainly. I’m up to about 25 10’s a day. Money’s awful, I’m so sick of this life, I’m ready to stop. I haven’t taken any opiates all day so I made it through day 1, but I took 4 methadones just now and am gonna lay down. I just got off work. If anyone has a suggestion as to how I should use them lmk. I also have been using adderal to help me stay away from the opiate too.

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Hi! Are you still around?
Plz do not mix the adderal to the pile. You will have to then experience a some what w/d from that one too. I came clean back in 2012 and had been doing other opiates that lead to the Methadone and Adderal mix. It was NO fun coming off those two as they both are very synthetic.
If you check back in we can talk. OK?
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