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Methadone metabolite

I have been on the methadone program for almost 6yrs now. I have been clean since march of 2007 from everything but my daily dose of 125mgs of methadone. I have earned a month worth of take homes n have had them for a very long time. There has been 4 occassions now that my urine tests come back positive for methadone but no methadone metabolite. This has occurred even when I was getting dosed daily at the clinic. The clinic took all my take homes because they said if I was taking my methadone the metabolite would show up. I have never in the 6yrs in the clinic, ever missed a single dose. How is this possible? Please help me because I deserve my take homes.
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This is a community of members who are getting clean and learning how to stay clean. I didn't see anywhere that you said you were stopping. You are talking about a urine test. It is often uncomfortable for the members here to talk about dosing and the like. Members here are very fragile. I hope you understand what I mean. Please ask MedHelp to move this post to the Pain Management community and you will find your answers there. Best of luck.
i would like to ask why you would want members to stay FRAGILE they need to get strong because their addiction whatever it maybe is right around the corner waiting to pounce right on you  we all have triggers but ib no way is this question talking about pass usage  this is a problem my best friend is having to they have taken her take homes she was getting a week worth of take homes now she gets three now and the counselor said see had a low metabolic level of methadone   so how does this happen and how can someone fix ths
Wow just wow. I'm kind of taken back by mr IBKleens response. That person IS getting clean. I have a pretty good feeling you have little to no personal experience with substance abuse. God bless.
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No this question is suitable for this community and I would like to say that your reply to this person almost makes you look as if you have no clue on what Methadone maintenance is. The vast majority of people that go to Methadone clinics are indeed trying to quit opiates. Now trying to come off of methadone is 10x harder than other drugs so without you knowing the specifics of this persons dosage history you can't make accusations that this particular person is not attempting to better himself.
Welcome MissAmili4.  How are you doing?
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