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I have decided to finally try to get off methadone.  I have been reading everyones posts here, and feel that I am ready to give it my best shot.  I have been on methadone for over ten years.  I am just afraid that I will disrupt the control I have reached with my mental health issues. I am fitter mentally than I have been in 5 years, and I don't want to put my family through another episode if I don't have to.  I don't know if I have the will power to taper.  Maybe I would be better off just going ct?  I think if I have the stuff in the house, I will just take it.  I really don't know how anyone finds the strength to do that.  I guess we are all  different!  All I have to do is decide when to actually stop.  If I stopped now, would I be through the worst by Christmas?  I have to be with my family over the holidays, and though I don't mind them knowing what I am doing, I don't want to spoil everyones Christmas by being a wet blanket.  I am due to collect my next weeks supply tomorrow, and can't decide if I should just not pick it up at all.  All I can do is try my best.  I really want to do this for my kids.  I don't want them to remember me as Mum the addict.  I want to do it for me too, and finally get rid of this fog in my head.  Wish me luck!
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hey girlee welcome to the forum im glad to see your post....today marks 60days clean for me ...I was also a long term user ...6 1/2 yrs at 150mg.....I did a slow taper it took 8 1/2 mo but it was successful...from what I read in this forum im glad I took the taper rout
going cold turkey can brig you thew shear hell ...I know some people that have posted doing it that way but it seams to put you in a bad way for a long time...I was terafied
of withdrawals so I  used a formula given to me by a neo/natal nurse that brings babys off heroin ,methadone ext...it goes like this 10% drop in dose every 72hr it worked great  
for the most part but there was a few times I had to slow down a bit to let my body ketch up and get rid of the withdrawals...some times you have to wait a week or so to
let your body adjust to the dose....let your body have the final say in when to taper again and dont do it if your in withdrawals...it only makes it worst .....doing it the way I did takes some will power I used an oral syringe to measure out the decrease form
my take homes ...started saving it so when I got near the end I had enough to finish
it off with out paying for the last 2 mo of my taper its not bad in the beginning but
when you get to the lower doses like around 10mg you go 1 mg a week till you jump...I took it all the way down to 1mg but if I had to do it over I would jump off at 5mg...the withdrawals are no worst then tapering off at the lower doses so there no reason to torcher yourself for the last 5 weeks just jump and get it over with..
you can go to most pharmacy's and get an oral syringe..cvs keeps them behind
the counter and they gave me one free...if you decide to do this just take your time
dont rush it it is very doable my final withdrawal wasent plesent by anny means but it wasent the horror storys I read of people jumping at high doses....but good luck with what ever you decide...if I can help you in anny way post back to me or PM me
and we can talk privatly witch ever your more comfortable with again good luck and god bless ...Gnarly    
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about whether going cold turkey..i was on 18mg and went cold turkey and it took me two weeks to get completely through it..much longer than a heroin withdrawal but the worst was the first ten days good luck again xxx
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hi jude how are you hon,
my advice to you firstly would be to slow down, as you probably know coming off of meth is a long drawn out process, done little by little over months even years.
Its wonderful that you feel strong enough to finall y free yourself completely from drugs, but as you said yourself you wouldnt want to compromise your mental health in the process. Do you see an addiction councellor? as professional support and advice is really important. and do you mind me asking how much your on? good luck with whatever you decide to do and enjoy your family at christmas xxx
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