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Does Methadone REALLY make it easier to get off of opiates?  
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Yes it does, but its a very heavy price as the detox off methadone is much longer versus other opiates, & once your on it for a while many people get scared to detox, as I did, but I figured to myself that I would not live my life dependent on a drug forever, so Im detoxing, by next week Im done! & I will never, ever touch methadone again, had I been aware of what I was getting myself into prior to methadone, I would have gladly done cold turkey off oxys or rehab, as this is a long, long detox.  Penelope
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it kills the w.d. but its really addicting , like id do my drug of choice and i found myself really high in mgs id take like 5 mgs or somthing of it and itd bring me down for a coule days and id work my way back up

its not very smart thou i wish i never did it

youd be beter off just goin ct off from opietes cause the done wd will last alot longer
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Methadone in general is NOT a great idea. If you are a full blown heroin addict or someone that shoots up Oxy's or someone with terminal cancer then fine, but for someone taking pills its not the best route if you really want to end up clean on the other side. Read through the posts here. Many will tell you starting on Methadone was the worst thing they ever did.
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The one exception to this is if you've never taken it at all then you can possibly get away with a one time, one week detox. someone pointed this out to me recently and I grudgingly had to admit they are right. Past that, however, the effectiveness is quickly gone and you're facing a worse problem.

Most people fail the first time because they expect miracles and go back to using when they aren't 100% physically okay. some people just relapse. Either way, if you're going to do it, try to make it a one time thing. Beyond that, it's a dangerous drug to keep taking.
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You mentioned before that you were off everything but prescribed drugs for the last year...but do your scripts include opiates? Are you still addicted to something...or a recovering addict? I wish I knew better how to help...but I kinda wish you could tell us more about your current problem. Is it depression, addiction, or both?

Sorry...don't mean to avoid your question...don't know much about methadone...but I'm confused about why you are asking. Essentially...I feel like we haven't got all the peices to your puzzle...so it's tricky to try to guess what you actually need help with.

Hope to hear back from you soon.
Melanie :)
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I have been on methadone 5 mo's. I am at a low dose. and can not get passed day 3 without it. the w/d's are way to hard.. I would have rather the w/d from the pills.
Good luck with what ever way you go...
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i tried the detox thing with methadone, and for me it was the single worst mistake of my life...i soon learned how to abuse them ,as alot do, an addict isd an addict...and then your stuck with a much worse problem than you originally started with.  if you received a PM telling you this is the way to go...your best bet is to ignore it  and talk to some , a lot of people who tried this and are still sorry to this day...as am i.
unless your willing to MAYBE stay on methadone for life so you dont have to go through the up to 6 weeks of withdrawals and up to 3 years of PAWS, there are a lot of former methadone patients here, and i realky cant think of 1 that would sya its the best way to go, i would say its the worst way to go...IMO!
go to my journal and go to the website harmd dot org...do some research there...i bet that alone is enough to make you think twice about it...
suboxone is better and safer...no one has died from sub.
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Do NOT go the methadone way..That is an evil drug..There isn't much worse to get off of than that..(maybe the horridness of benzos) I am speaking from first hand knowledge..I was lucky...I was too stupid to realize what i had done when I took a flying leap cold turkey off 65mg..Tapering isn't as easy as it sounds..not impossible..but by no means..easy..!!!
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