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Methodone withdrawl

methodone withdrawl now down to 15 mil it is getting hard.
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Hello and welcome to the forum~

We have a lot of members who have successfully weaned off of Methadone.....do you have a plan already?  How much lower you will taper?

There are a lot of things you can read to help you during this time...even just typing "withdrawing from methadone" in the search box on this forum will give you lots of previous threads to read that will give you really good information.  The reading will help in more ways that one :)

If you haven't added some extra nutrition to your daily routine yet, it would help you a lot.  Amino Acid shakes of some kind, Emergen-C and for sure a Cal/Mag/Zinc supplement twice a day.  Here's a couple of links that may help give you some more ideas:



Please keep posting...ask anything you want to....we're all in this together regardless of our DOC (drug of choice).
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It gets harder below 20ml for many. I would start the above supplements now. If it's possible to slow down the taper now, it may help for the final decent. What is your plan?
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Ive come down from 70 mil of methodone at 2 mil a week and now on 15 mil where I intend to stay for 3 weeks then do my last 15 mil withdrawl at 1 mil a week till 2 mils then jump off. I want it to be as painless as possible although I know I might feel a bit uncomfortable for a while afterwards along with lack of sleep and weakness/tiredness/no energy. Ive also put 2 stone in weight on the past year which I hope will lose once the methodone leaves my body for good. Im 40 at Christmas and want 2015 to be a new year for me clean and with a positive attitude. Im glad I found this site ,its very helpful and going through this with others is what I need.Thanks to everybody for the support.
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congrats on your progress.
sounds like you have an excellent taper plan in place.

while you are tapering you might want to find an AA or NA meeting that you enjoy and start working on aftercare now.  

you sound determined and i have no doubt you will succeed.  
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Hi  well im with the others go to walmart and pick up a 3 in 1 vitamin calcium/magnesum/zinc  take 4 with breakfast and 4 with dinner in a few days you will see a big difference in how you feel the goal here is to reach the single digests we cannot give taper plans on the forum it is agents the rules  just know it is possible to get off this stuff keep posting for suport.................Gnarly
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