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Mixing high dose of xanax with methylphenidate(concerta)?

Currently been tapering down for the past year from 12mg xanax, maybe longer than a year.
I'm on 5-6mg now, I need to take 3.5mg when I wake up to not be in withdrawal anymore.
Don't get high off it anymore, but desperately need to clean the house - my friend gave me an 18mg concerta.
I've had them before and they let me get all the house work done.

My question, is it okay to take with such a large amount of xanax?
(This is out of harm reduction)

Drugs.com says no interaction, but I just want to make sure.

People have told me the xanax will kill the stimulant high, some others have said the stimulant will put you in withdrawal... I've had a lot of mixed opinions.

I'd be taken 3.5mg, then wait an hour, then the 18mg concerta , and then possibly another 1mg 30 mins - hour after that?
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