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Mothers Pain Pill Addiction

My mother has been taking prescription fioricet for years now.  She takes atleast 8 pills every day, but usually more.  She has admitted shes addicted to it, and that she overdoses at times.  She gets more pills from her friends that get the same medication.  She is constantly out of it, and basically just sits there now and does nothing.  She doesn't work, she has even lost all of her responsibilities around the house.  If we even mention about taking her pills away she threatens to call the police.  I don't know what to do to get her off of this medication, but it's getting to the point where it's either she gets off the medication or the rest of our family members are just going to kick her out of the house.  She is on disability, however most of the money she gets off of that goes towards her medications.  
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thats a toughie-- if she doesnt want to quit, she wont until she's ready to. You might be able to make it harder for her to obtain her drugs, but ultimately you wont be able to stop her until she wants to stop. That is the only way. Have you all sat down as a family and had a real good talk with her? Sometimes when addicts are at the lowest in our addictions, we dont even realize how many things in our lives we have let slip. Months and months can go by and you don't realize that you didnt vacuum the carpet in forever, or done your hair or make up in ages, etc.  You get so consumed by the disease of addiction that everything else is peripheal and gets lost in the blind spots. She may not realize how bad off she is unless her eyes get opened to it.  However, if she does realize she is just a shell of the person she used to be and just doesnt care, then there's not much you can do for her. The best thing you can do for yourselves as family members is go to some meetings for counseling for yourselves to cope better...Wishing you the best and good luck. Let us know how things turn out, and we are here anytime to just listen, or give support and advice.
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I would actually suggest calling her doctor's office (if she still gets pills from them) and letting them know your concern.  Docs are so worried about being held liable that if they even slightly suspect a patient is psychologically addicted they will react.

I understand the threat she would make about calling the police.  You could just "lose" her pills, then when she goes to her friends for help say YOU are going to call the police for illegal prescription obtainment.  I spent a few days in jail on Prescription Fraud and it REALLY opens your eyes!  I know it sounds harsh but you would inevitably be SAVING HER LIFE.... LITERALLY...She is dead until she is off this ****.

I wish you the best.

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