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My Day#40 Doing good feeling good

Hi all ,  Just wanted to let people know I have been Norco & all other pain pill free for 40 days .
All i can say is it's nice .
Been doing things without the mood swings the every 3-4 hour up's & downs . it's nice .
Like my days now , Kind of happy most of the time now , not cranky all the time .
I feel i am 95% healed from the addiction and detox stress . You younger kids heal faster then this old guy  .
Thanks for all your help advise support this site Works .... Ron
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Hey Ron,

Congrats on 40 Days, thats great! You should be very proud of yourself.

you can hear the happiness in your words - keep up the great work.

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Congrats!   I so wish I was there ... NOW!!   He he..that's the addict in me talking.  :)  
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