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My Own Private Idaho

Hi Everyone...

Just a quick note about what 12 days sober and how i'm seeing the world...

I've been surfing for awhile but other demands, job, marriage, etc got in the way.  When I would hit the waves with my perc buzz, I thought pretty cool and I would go with the flow...Now...after 4 years of taking percs and getting clean, surfing is becoming a new discovery again...i mean paddling out, sun is just coming up, you're alone with nature...i listen to my breathing, feel the water run through my fingers and not really searching for a wave (only thing we thought about when we were younger) but senses are really in tune...

Hey...i'm ramblin but i have my wet suit and board in the car and i'm heading out for a few hours...spouse is still sleeping so it's just me and u guys...I'll b thinkin about a few of you when i'm out there...


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surfing!! lol. That seems so obscure to me as I look out and see all this snow and wind! Enjoy yourself!
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Hope you had a blast.....sounds like so much fun....and it is great thet u r motivated to go out and do that after quitting...and enjoy it so much so soon!h
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We were in the mid 80s...hey paradise...what can i say....I'm finding my innner peace again...something i lost 4 awhile...

Peace 4 All of You...

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You must be on the other coast.  I'm on the west coast and there isn't a wave in sight.lol  My x-hubby was a surfer , he grew up near Melborne.  So glad you are getting a life back. I can't wait to do things outside again and quit being a hermit.  Congrat's on 12 days !  
My x is a musician and wrote a song for me called "You can't hang ten with those toes" lol  ( I have short square feet)lol
Surf's Up !      Mary
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Congrats on day 12..
Doesn't it feel GREAT to get back in touch w/ yourself ,nature, and your surroundings?
That'd be the NATURAL high.....
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