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My urine is red, is it the cause of coke

I’ve been snorting come for almost 2 weeks now and yesterday my urine had a slight red to it. I thought it was only because I wasn’t drinking enough water but today is was twice as dark and I’m getting more concerned. I’m tossed the rest I had out just in case it’s due to the coke but I’m just wanting to know if I I’ll be okay in a few days or if I should be more concerned than I already am.
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This forum is for people who want to get off drugs.   Do you want to stop using coke?  I hope so, because what you're describing sounds serious.  I am not a doctor and would not even try to diagnose you, but i can tell you that blood in urine is NOT normal and deserves medical attention.   Please got a hospital, ER, or call your physician and get seen now.  Good luck.
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Get yourself to a doctor or emergency room today and be honest about the drug use. It may have had something in it that damaged your organs...blood in urine is NOT GOOD, nor should you wait it out.
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You need to be seen ASAP.
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