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Need Suboxone Doctors in Massachusetts. I need help

I am looking to go on Suboxone.  I have been a heroin addict for over 7 years.  I know you can go to suboxone.com and get doctors names off there, but I also know that a lot of doctors do not put there name on that website.  I live in Massachusetts.  Does anyone know of any doctors that prescribe Suboxone in the Boston area and South of Boston area?  Any help would be soooooo appreciated.  I am only 25 and am so sick and tired of being sick and tired (I know that is so cliche)  I have been on this crap since I was in high school and I just want to live a normal life.
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Hey Lisa I live on the s.s and no a few ppl that have sub dr.s around not sure where u r but dedham,marshfield,plymouth,hanover they are everywhere!!Pm me and maybe I can help more w/ more in depth info :) daisy699
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You can locate a dr on right side of the page!!
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