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Need help addicted to fentenyl

I’ve been on opiates constantly for about 5 years. It started out with hydrocodone and has grown to chewing 3 100mcg/hr patches a day. Trying to taper down but doesn’t seem to happen. I’ve gone 4 days in detox even after 4 days suboxone did seem to touch the wd. I think it’s because of three long half life of fen. I’m switching to Oxycodone today in hopes of going from there to morphine sulfate and then to suboxone. I can get my hand on just about anything. However my patch habit it getting to expensive and I’m exhausting my suppliers. I can’t really go though a whole treatment program can’t leave work that long. I can handle a couple of days tho. I’ve looked into rapid detox but they seem like a rip off. Can anyone give me some advice on the best way to get off or on suboxone. Please no go to rehab bs or honesty with friends is best. Need to do this on my own.  FYI that works out to 21,000mcg or 21mg of fentenyl a day. Converts to a lot of any other opiate.
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Hi, welcome.  Do you mind if I give you an observation? You have all these rules and constraints about the help you are looking for. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. You need to decide if you are done. I mean, so sick of this life you can't take it anymore. Then be WILLING to do whatever it takes to STAY clean (there is a difference between getting clean and staying clean.) Then, I would suggest cutting all ties w/ all your connections and detoxing off everything. It will be rough, but it won't kill you. Or go to rehab. You can do a "rapid detox" or whatever, but guess what happens in 6 months? You're back to using. You need to want to be done and then get into aftercare (AA, NA etc.) to learn how to deal with life sober. If we could handle life without opiates, we would have done it on our own; we need outside help.

Keep posting. Others will chime in, too.
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To me it looks like you are searching for a chemical solution for your chemical addiction. I was once in your shoes and spent seven wasted years on Suboxone. Eventually you will want to become clean and free. Suboxone and methadone have the toughest WD. Possibly try focusing on your life rather than your schedule. I was on opiates and subs for 25 years. Recovery has been a godsend!
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