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Need help and comfort. Opiate addiction

A long story short, I've been popping pills painkillers for about 10 to 15 years now and have been through it all. The ups and downs being homeless being with being without and it's just a tiring situation. I know that I want out because I thought about it too many times. I've had a lot in my life on the other side I have a lot taken away because of this addiction. I am tired tired tired of being on these pills. It started with a brain surgery about 15 years ago and every since I've been on them Non-Stop and it seems like I cannot cope without them. Life is passing me by and I am falling deeper and deeper into this addiction. I would sell, pawn or spend my whole paycheck just to get the pills because I really hate feeling that withdrawals without them. I know I want to change because everything around me says so because everybody in all of my friends are elevating and I am going downward beyond control. I know I have potential but without the pills I don't have the energy or the interest to do anything. When I'm on the pills I'm energetic and try to get as much as done as possible but buying pills are very expensive so I can't afford them every day. I just wish I could be without them and feel normal again. This is sad sad days of my life. I need help from someone anyone that could comfort me with conversation and motivation because I need it in my life to help me get off of this. I don't have time to go to a rehab so I try to motivate myself daily to stay clean and regain my life but it's so hard being on these pills for over 15 years. If anyone is out there listening and it was a good heart and means well I am all ears and if someone could please comfort me to help me walk through this journey your help would be priceless!!!!!!
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Wow I know opiate pill addiction sucks but your stronger than u think I started out on OxyContin when they first came out then 30’s but that was years ago unfortunately me like every one else switched to snorting heroin then shooting it then to shooting fentanyl now I’m on methadone ur a really strong person not to have done that u can get off those pills i know you have the strength just because you’ve been able not to cross over to a whole new world of hell
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I wish I had stopped at pills years ago with just comfort meds but I was stubborn and young every thing I’ve said I’d never do for opiates I’ve done and more
Hey you?! How’s it going? You haven’t been out here in awhile and was wondering how ure holding up? Are you doing better or still in a slump? Everyone story is different and unique? U have to find that inner voice? I just hope and pray that you DOBT get a hold of fentanyl which is a killer of killers!! Hope you’re doing well.
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Hi there! I’ve been in a similar boat using pretty regularly for 14 years, with only one year of sobriety that for some reason threw away. Probably because I got lazy and didn’t work a program. I too am getting ready to get clean again. Have you tried Kratom? If it’s legal in your state I HIGHLY recommend it. I have used it before and have had NO withdrawal symptoms. Be warned though, many many people have become dependent on it and I’ve heard withdrawal from it can be just as ugly as withdrawal from opioids. I suggest you read up on it thoroughly and join a Facebook group where you can learn more about it. It has saved many lives. It makes quitting pills very doable! I recommend that you start small with dosages and get off it within two weeks. That’s my plan.
Good luck!
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Good morning

Have you decided if you’re gonna do cold turkey or a taper?  I found when I quit it was easier to achieve when I had a plan.  Are you going to have support or use medication to help with withdrawals?  I quit opiates and had a therapist, used art therapy, methadone maintenance program in the beginning and then quit methadone.  I’m older and I’ve since quit the 12 step program like 20 years ago so I’m not much support in that area.  But I’m successful at not being on opiates, heroin or methadone.  I’ve also used Suboxone in a medically supervised environment.  I also have bought it on the streets and used sporadically to keep me well.  

I’m also not a spiritual or religious person.  You put in the effort and you’ll see results.  It’s up to you.  

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