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Need help

How can I fet off of vicodin. It all started with foot surgery. I think my doctor was a little pill happy. 1000s 5 times a day. No one know but my hubby....there was a time when I went two day without any. I thought I was gonna die...the withdrawals were terrifying . Is there a pill I can take to ease the withdrawl and be done for good. Please help
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I was recommended Clonidine by an army medic. I haven't taken it though. It's a blood pressure medication that is used off label for wds.
  You could also discuss a taper plan with your Prescribing Dr.
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Hi and welcome to the forum!!!  Are you still taking it five times a day?  Do you think your husband could hold them for you to wean off of them a little bit?  Some people can do the weaning and others cant.  Its hard knowing they are there and not be able to take them!!!  The Withdrawals are not fun!  Thats for sure but it is doable!  Look up the Thomas Recipe on here and it gives some good suggestions for supplements and stuff to take to help ease the symptoms a bit!  We have all been where you are and making the decision to quit is the first step!  Life is so much better on the other side!!!  Keep us posted and let us know how you are doing!!!
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How much are you taking every day?   Does your doctor know?

The vast majority of the time, getting off opiates is not life threatening, but I don't know your medical history, age, etc.    When you say "1000's" I assume you are talking about the amount of acetaminophen that was in the Vicodin.  The hydrocodone comes in either 5, 7.5, or 10 mgs per pill.

There is no magic pill to help ease withdrawal symptoms.  As the above poster mentioned, Clonidine is sometimes given to help with insomnia and blood pressure spikes, but it won't make any of the more nasty detox stuff go away, such as chills, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, restless legs, etc.

Google the "Thomas Recipe"....it is a list of supplements that many say helps.  I did all by myself, and it was no picnic. I was quite ill for the first 10 days, but it went away.  

Life addicted to opiates is bad for you in every way possible; body, mind and spirit.   I also think you should talk to your doctor and be completely honest about everything.  Also, read, read, read all the stories on here.  

Good luck honey.
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How much should I start to wyne off. I'm at 6to 8 a day...is the a way where I can wyne slow enough to not feel any withdrawl. I was going to be honest with my doctor....but I was afraid she would cut me off completely cut me off.
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I can't remember the last time I was truly happy. I'm so scared....so scared. I'm only 47 years old.
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Hi there- We can't offer specific weaning schedules on this forum; it's against the guidelines. I can tell you that the slower you go, the better.  So drop a small amount over time and it should mitigate any severe wd's.  It's best to put your husband in charge of the pills now and hand them out to you.

Keep posting. There's a lot of support here.
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I think that's the way to go. Give them to my hubby and put him in charge of the amount. But I know that if I beg him I pretty sure he will cave. He loves me very much and hates to see me suffer or be un happy. I don't think he can pull off the tough love that I so decpartley need. What I wish for is the money to go to a 30 or 60 day detox center.
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What you are taking isn't a huge amount by any means. I'm not trying to down play your usage at all. I'm just saying it can be done at home. I'd stock up on vitamin drinks.gatorate,imodium,icy/hot packs. And just do it. The real awful pain is over in around a week,but the mental,not sleeping and energy part can take a bit to come back. You should look into someone to talk to. There is always a reason we become addicted and if we don't confront it,you'll just end up back at square one. There is no magic pill to get through the detox. You have to remember we did this to our bodies,no one can fix it but us. Good luck on whatever you decide to do!
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I should add that tapering is very hard for the reason you stated and for the mental anguish that occurs. If they're there...you'll take them. They will call your name.  You need a very strong mindset and a desire to quit that goes beyond anything you ever wanted in your life.

Maybe you could taper back for awhile and then just stop. You'll get it over with in a few days and get going on your recovery. You definitely need aftercare, too!
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You mentioned the mental part could take more time. I do want it more than anything to get off these evil drugs, I just can seem to muster up the right positive mind set.
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And what to you mean by after care.....now I'm really scared :(
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Don't be scared! Aftercare or Recovery care is support to keep you clean, simply put.  It could be NA or AA, counseling, therapy, outpatient treatment...something that will help you understand your reasons for using and teach you skills for handling cravings, triggers, etc...
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Hello. Doctor 1. I told him - he stopped prescribing me mine and I was left to ct. Very dangerous as I have heart prob. SO I rapidly found doc 2. : vERY happy to plan a taper for me. Bottom line, tell ur doc but keep in mind another doc to go to fast if this one doesn't understand and puts u in s***. It's wat happened to me. Don't give up - u must let ur doc kno as he can help u taper slowly and u will only have a limited num of pills every week (mine calls me each week to prescribe the ridiculous amount I take but I take a huge more so I'm also on a plan for rehab in near future. Best of luck. Learn to doctor shop ur way to sobriety :-) xxxx
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Can't thank everyone enough for your words of wisdom. I took 6 yesterday and I can feel already the aches in my hips and theighs. Is this normal? And am I aiming to high to be clean by May?
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You can't put a time limit on it because it happens so greadually.  They say it takes what it takes and that is true.  It is good to be optimistic, of course, but it is a difficult process. If you set a time then it may indicate that you can use up to a certain point and then stop right before May.  While that is slightly possible it is like studying for a test.
It is a lot easier to study the whole time as to wait till the last minute and cram all of the studying in a short time.  The only goals that I recommend setting are daily goals. Decide not to use just for today and do this ove and over until the message sinks in.
Withdraws generally kick in around 24 hours after your last dose so it is normal to be feeling the way you are feeling.
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I take 8 a day....I get my script the 19th...I only have enough for 5 a day till I get my script...was would be the best way to stretch them out without feeling withdrawl. I'm so scared of withdrawl!!
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Turn your fear into determination. I was at 1/2 of a 5/325 Norco for over a month before my sponsor suggested stopping.
  Even at that low of a dose for that length of time I was extremely uncomfortable. All the wd symptoms but probably less intensity than Cold Turkey users experience.
  This is the best group of people out there. You are home here. We all want to help you succeed.
  You must start by making sure other bad habits are out of the way. If you've been drinking liquor with the pills, Stop.
  Make sure to surround yourself w good things. Music you love. Aromatherapy. Long baths w Epsom salts to draw the toxins out.
  If you have a healthy diet great. If not, start right now. No soda. Not even diet soda. Get emerg C packs w electrolytes. Eat fresh. You'll need all the strength a healthy diet provides. Eat fish. Other lean protein. Lots of fresh fruit. Then you are not scared. You are prepared. Get all of your support systems up and running. N/A or NAMI free support groups. Your church if you have one. A sponsor. A taper buddy. Someone who will send you as many emls a day to keep you feeling safe. It's a strategy.
  Get all of this in order. Go to health food store or order supplements online.
Every single step is one in the right direction. If you can get a psychologist that will help too. Get fresh air and exercise.
  I know it sounds like a lot. But it's all here for you to be successful in recovery. You are in control. We are here for your benefit. Keep posting. This is a road we've all traveled. You are among friends. Blessings & Love. Maxy
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Thankyou seaside....bad news, I caved. I think I tried to taper to fast, the w/d were to much...way to much. I'm overwhelmed by everything. I feel normal when I take them...I don't feel high at all. I'm so confused. I know I have to stop...I know there bad for me..but I just feel normal I don't feel high. I take them because I feel normal...happy, and I feel like me. I'm pretty sure that I'm more mentally addicted than the other way. What is scary is that I know deep down I can't take them for the rest of my life. I know the day is coming where it's all gonna come to a head.
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That's ok. You've learned something. This time take it down slower. Do your plan. Then stick to it. Get a support group. Then you'll have like minded people every day to help you. The medicine is hard on your liver. Try and remember in the end you'll be so much better off. The thing is stick to the plan you've made for yourself. Get used to not feeling like you used to & it will get harder. Be prepared. We're always here for support. Maxy
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You said "I feel normal when I take them...I don't feel high at all. I'm so confused. I know I have to stop...I know there bad for me..but I just feel normal I don't feel high. I take them because I feel normal...happy, and I feel like me"

I know I said the exact same thing.....but it isn't the real you...it's not real happiness .it's not your real "normal".

I use to say they didn't get me high they just gave me energy.  It's not until I stopped the pain pills that I realized I was high....I did everything high.  I am just starting to find out what my new normal is and get comfortable with
who I am now......and the best part.....I can be whoever I want to be now and so can you.  You will discover a new improved healthy you.

I have a long way to go....I used pain meds for 20 years. I don't want anyone to have to go thru what I have during these last 11 months. You  need to want to stop and get rid of all meds....no more refills, cut your sources....all of them, then you will not be able to cave.  If you didn't have any you wouldn't have caved.

I did a very fast taper and decided I was just done.  I was able to handle my own taper but you could have your husband give them to you.  But you must decide you are done....no turning back.....no caving. This is a great site....everyone will be here to help you.  So....what are you going to do now??  Come on....you can do it!~
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It's not going to matter what any of us say to you. You won't stop until you're ready to stop. I do hope you take the help you were given here though. Every single one of us went through what you're going through. You are not ALONE!! You're also not at a "normal" mind set. You are "high" weather you feel it not.
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Hey there Jones. Listen, don't worry about your husband caving, just worry about yourself. You can't control the things around you and about detoxing. Yeah it's bad. I know your scared but you want to get clean. One week and you'll feel better from there. Everyone here has been through it and we want to help you. You might want to bring your doctor into this so he/she can help you. A solid plan is the key. A plan for detox then right away aftercare. Driving yourself crazy is easy to do right now but you'll see the light at the end of that tunnel within no time. Ask yourself. Is a few bad days worth the REST OF YOUR LIFE? Listen to the folks on here and make your plan. Get the things you need and let's get started. You Can Do It!..............ike
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