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Need to do this

Hi to everyone so I have been doing alot of thinking my doc wanted to get my B.P under control before we did anything with my pain meds I called a few rehab centers found a 7day medical detox I'm so so scared they said they would make sure my B.P is under control I think this is a good idea togo in a 7 day detox I'm so afraid of the withdrawal they said they try to make them as minimal as possible has anyone went to a detox I want to be off this rollercoaster so bad I'm always so afraid my pain won't be able to be controlled I have to my husband thinks this isn't a good iidea he thinks I'm gonna be in pain all the time
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Hi Corey, did you find out more info about the treatment center?? I would find out what comfort meds they are going to use. Also, 7 days is the physical w/d in regards to how a treatment feels. The w/ds can go on much longer in most ppl. The mental part, is the part that we must work on in order to stay clean. I am not sure if you where abusing these meds or doing them as prescribed?? The physical w/ds depend on many factors such as age, how long of using, how many mg in a day and health. I would differently ask many questions on how or what they will be prescribing  to you.
My experience, from where I went was not all that great in one way, as far as the comfort meds to help me out a bit, but I did learn so much about Addiction in a whole other way.  I had c/t off of 3 meds & one should of been tapered for sure. Did not have high BP but it does happen a bit when we go through the physical w/ds. They will give you something for that and keep monitoring you. I found out yrs later that I had 2 blocked arteries over my heart and that going c/t did not help. However, in your case, I would not worry about the BP for they can watch this, but I do not think 7days is enough for you to know about Addiction and the footwork that must be done after the detox/w/ds have subsided. Just be Safe and make sure they tell you everything they will do to help you out. Let us know what you are going to do.
Your pain will be a bit better off these meds hopefully. Maybe even a OTC pill will work once you get those pain receptors back in order and working naturally. Sometimes pain pills can cause more pain in the long run, let alone what they do to the brain chemistry when abusing them. You have been on this site for awhile, why don't you just get the Dr to give you a taper plan? Your Hub can hold the pills and give them out when they are due. I really believe now, that if one can do a Taper that they are much better then going c/t. I could not back then, but if I would of been on this site, I bet I could of with the help & experience from others out here. The last 4 yrs I have learned so much and so can you. Keep us updated OK??

PS. You can PM me anytime if you want to know more about some of the treatment centers, or info from my own experience and the type of care I had received. YOU will be just fine, but do that homework!!
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Hi Vickie I feel a taper will take forever I honestly want to be done now I feel if I have the pills I hurt I will always use that crutch I need to know where my pain really is and at least try to go more natural on pain relief some morning I wake up and my back don't hurt but I have to take a pill to stop withdrawal I'm scared to death of this I pray to God I'm doing the right thing so  gonna take my chances and go for it I ask alot of. questions they do use comfort meds and nom narcotic meds if my back is hurting please pray for me I have never had to do this
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Are there comfort meds going to be Clonidine and Buspar (Buspirone)?? Do not get the Buspar mixed up with the Wellbutrin (Bupropion), they are different.

I will send a Prayer or more out to YOU so that everything works out OK!
Do Not let your mind freak you out. The physical w/ds are over and done with way sooner then you think. Keep us updated??

PS> Write down the meds they are going to use and let us know. I am sure others will chime in, if they had experienced these..OK?
Bless U
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Hi corey,
Just a thought on inpt. Rehab. I went to an inpt rehab a couple years ago.  I have cronic pain due to 9 different joint replacements and multiple spinal fractures. I went thru intense physical exams and multiple interviews and was told i was not a canidate for rehab.  I needed to accept the fact that i need pain meds to function due to intense pain. Nothing they could try like suboxone would control my pain. Im not an addict.  Not Ll pain pts. are addicts.  I appreiciated ther honest opinon. I have found a good pain clinic now. My primary will transfer care to them.  
So be sure and consider all the pros and cons of rehab and the facts of quality of life.  Good luck keep us updated.
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Hi frisky thanks for your input I know all pain patients are not addict's if I make it through this journey If can't control my pain I will be forced togo back on pain pills I want a good quality of life but my tolerance is huge and I feel some days I could deal with pain with advil and icing my back but I can't because I will go in withdrawal some days I can't move I take one pill and it don't work I will take two that's a huge no no I feel I can lose control with this quickly I won't do that to my family I lost my baby brother from a herion OD I have always been In control been a strong women but lately I feel hopeless I'm gonna take my life back
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Your last sentence up there ^ is how we all felt right before we got clean.
"I feel hopeless I'm gonna take my life back"

We had to become desperate in order to be willing to change.  And it sounds like you are there.  I would REALLY recommend finding an inpatient drug rehab program and staying at least 30 days.  You will need that much time to heal before you come home.  And you will be overseen by good medical people and will also learn a lot about addiction.

I'm a chronic pain person, too, and I can tell you initially you will have rebound pain.  Give yourself some time to heal and use Advil and ice like you mentioned.  Our tolerances are too high...and once you find out what  your REAL level of pain is (after the rebound pain leaves and you have clean pain receptors again) you will be much more able to determine your TRUE pain levels.  Many of us have found we have less pain OFF opiates. Have you heard of "opiate induced hyperalgesia" ?  Check it out on Wikipedia.  The longer we are on pain pills not only does our tolerance grow, it actually creates more pain for us.

Please let us know what place you get worked out.  It is the best gift you can give yourself.  Don't project how bad your pain is "gonna be"; just focus on finding a safe place to go to inpatient treatment.  You deserve this present to yourself.  Keep us posted, ok?
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