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Ok I tried to taper and it's imposible for me so today is the first day of cold turkey I just need some people to tell me life is worth living that there's hope once I'm strait cause they way I'm feeling now I don't see why anyone would want to quit
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HI and welcome to the forum....it no fun to be where your at right now but it will be so so worth it in the end ...right now you need to work on trying to keep a positive attitude it will help you thew this...you have a few ruff days a head of you so hang in there....you dont want to wind up like me and go thew 16 1/2yrs of narcotic addiction so stop wile you can
life is so much better not being chained to a pill bottle ...your detox should be mostly over in about 5 days but the mental part can drag on a bit...the longer you put between your DOC and you the better you will feel...each week that goes by will come with improvements theirs a great post titled "why aftercare" scroll down and read it
I doubt your going to get any sleep anyways and it will help pass the time...
right now the best I can do for you is to suggest a hot bath...it really helps with a lot of the withdrawal symptoms...I took several a day when I detoxed ...YOU CAN DO THIS
its just going to take some perseverance...force yourself to drink plenty of fluids and eat what you can...try and stay bizzy during the day it takes you mind off how lousy you feel...and right now you just need to be ok without being ok for a wile it will get better
get sleep when you can you will do good to just get cat naps here and there for the next few days...just hang in there this to shall pass with time good luck and God bless
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I Promise you it is worth it. I hated it suks, but soooooooooooooo worth it. I had to start over,  I took some  and  was on another down hill  , but after taking three in   a week . I said ohhh no way am I going through this again. NO WAY. !!!  I now have 13 days. It  will be okay I promise you. Thought i was g going to die. But it will pass. HANG IN  THERE PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!   I'm there for you all the way. you have so much support on here. GO FOR IT.  JUST DO IT!!!
Blessings, memL
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It will get WAY better. W/d effects me HARD. Very hard in fact I don't ever think I will live to see the end of the week or two. An usually don't even care. I am the biggest downer and am debilitatingly depressed to the point of total self worthlessness and even have suicidal thoughts. And if I can get through it you can :).  

Last time it was really around 2 weeks before I felt pretty good. But it was a brutal time. This last ( I pray LAST). I weened a little a day here and there and now on day six I feel good enough to function. Still not great at all but good enough to see a light and to work some. And the times I did make it past 2 weeks it was great. I just fell back into old habits ad relapsed. That's the biggest problem after you start feeling better but it will get way better very soon.
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