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New here.. question about methadone tapering

Well, here I am.... Day TWO of getting completely off my NORCO...and weening my own self off the Methadone.  I have gone 17 hours without a NORCO...and in the past month have gone down from 30 ml. of Methadone to 10 a day.  My doctor told me to get off Norco cold turkey...and ween the methadone out a hour more every week.  I'd like to do it a little faster as I am bi-polar and my type of personality is WHEN i make my mind UP to do something, I have a HARD time waiting!!!!  My Ex husband keeps warning me NOT to go off to fast...but I've read on here that you go through the withdrawals either way...so why wait?  WHY prolong it??  I'll know the further the hours separate on just how bad I feel!!!  I haven't lowered dose yet....so we'll see!!!!  Main thing is, keep fed well...eat lots of fresh fruit and vegies (or what my broken teeth will allow me to eat!), walk walk walk...lift weights.... do my elliptical when I can, and I feel less effects of the withdrawals... just wish I could do the holistic thing :(
   I hate that I am broke at this point.  No job, no job offers... can't make money with no job!!!  My ex was helping support myself and our children, he lost his job of 20 years...lived off of his life ins. until this point.  He's a GOOD man, he has been out on job interview after interview... thank GOD he did find a temperary position to get us by...but wow... what can u do when you are saving every penny to make sure you have rent for the month...bills...ect... ALL this stress and I'm doing what I'm doing NOW!!!! UGH.. It frustrates me, I feel GUILTY cuz I don't work.. I can't work... Maybe when I'm OFF this poison I can.  I WISH I could SUE METHADONE for my teeth back :(.  I hate that I can't get my teeth pulled because w/ out the ones I DO have left, I can't chew.. I would end up drinking shakes the rest of my life.. that is NO way to live :(.  WHY can't I get implants.. WHY can't METHADONE pay for what they caused my body to lose? NO one warned me what the side effect was when I got on them...till it was TOOOOO late :(.. SO much anger, resentment, blame, ugh...
When I went on my walk today... I could see the world a LOT clearer..it was almost as if I had new glasses lol!!! I felt the air slowly seeping through my nostrils...clearing my mind.  Sigh..if only every day could feel like that til' I'm OFF these poisons :(....

(LOL NOW I know why I haven't got any responses.. I accidently posted this in Abuse forum... ugh, I REALLY need to get my brain screwed on right lmao!!!.. sigh
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You are in the Substance Abuse forum now!!  We have many who have come off Methadone and they will be on at some point to talk with you.  Keep checking back~Glad you found us.
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Hi Girl, I was talking to you in your Status. How are you feeling today?? Are you still on the 10mg of the Dones?
Oh, Yes LC is a canyon above Fontana CA. I now live in N Idaho..Hope you are feeling better and we do have some other Doners that have great Advice too. Keep checking this post..OH, I also see you did get the tracker up and what a good job at that.
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LOL...yeah i'm glad I had a good conscious moment to realize I had posted in the wrong forum, ha!!! :P Thanx DominoSarah!!! :)  I have actually found a few really good people here who have jumped right into my page and my comments :). Nice to meet ya!! :)
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Hi VIC! :)  Just now saw this message :P.. Still sloooow at rolling around this site lol!  No.. not on 10 ml. on 7 mils. a day.  Gonna go down to 5 prob. in a few days to a week, depending on how good I do :). I truly believe those withdrawals I felt were from going CT on the Norcos... it's actually been 4 days.. keep forgetting, I got off them before signing up here lol!  
   Ahh.. so you like it better in N Idaho?  I think I'd rather live somewhere cooler than hot CA or humid TX!!! I've lived in 4 states my whole life:  Was born in Michigan, moved to Texas, raised there, then moved to Tennessee, and then SC...and moved to CA after 2 years of marriage...that's five lol!!!!
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