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No opiate use but pot still and no aftercare

I posted approx. 1 year ago- son came back from college with an opiate and benzo abuse problem.  He had been abusing heavily (daily) for 6 months. You guys helped a lot with insight and ideas. So here it goes again.  He saw his psychiatrist weekly for the past 6 months but has stopped saying he doesn't need him anymore.   Is it too soon too stop? Also, he hasn't done drugs other than a little pot here and there.  He denies it when I ask but tells me he loves pot.  I have found a wrapper or little remnants so I'm sure.  I know a drug is a drug but in a way I'm relieved its only pot.  On the other hand, he started with pot in high school and it escalated to a scary world.  What do you think?
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So many things wrong here. Pot is and always has been a gate way drug. Plus he's now traded one addiction for another,and quitting aftercare? Aftercare to an addict is part of life. It's like breathing eating and sleeping,you need it to keep surviving in this clean life.
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I agree with Krissy but only he can help himself....it is hard to make someone do some thing that they do not want to do or do not think is a problem. I know for myself it took me 10 plus years before I realized I had a problem even when I was confronted by family I denied it also. I am so sorry you are going threw this and hope you find the help you are looking for!
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Hi, I remember your post. What Krissy says is it. Every sentence is 200% true.

I will only add that, since you are the one posting, you are the one that needs help. You need serenity and sanity. Living w/ an addict is crazy making. Please go to Alanon. I cannot stress enough how vital that is for you.
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Your right I need help but I post here because I learn and value opinions from those who have actually lived through drug abuse. It helps me to understand what is going on in my home.  
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We will answer any of your questions to help you threw this! It is a tough road and being an addict is hard on the people we love. we are here for you but do look into Alanon or Living with a drug/alcohol addict....
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Thank you. This site is amazing. Former addicts empowering and helping others. You guys and gals are honest - no sugarcoating- yet supportive. It has helped me to understand who my son is and his subsequent drug use. I knew nothing at all about drugs. I was naive and ignorant and I can't believe the signs I missed. Complete denial.  But we are moving forward. I believe he will agree to go back to therapy - we are talking about it..thanks again.
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So glad to hear it! PLEASE keep us posted as to what he decides to do! We are routing for him!
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