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Non-Addictive Solutions for Anxiety/Depression ??

I have been diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder, Major Depressive Disorder, & ADD. I also believe to have undiagnosed OCD. I also have panic attacks & night terrors.

My history of addiction has made it exceedingly difficult to find a solution for my issues.
The only drugs that have helped me so far have become addictions, & the other (non-addictive) drugs I have tried have either made my problems worse, or done nothing at all.

I am a 21 year old white Female

Drug history :

Benzos - (Xanax/Valium/Clonazepam)  cured social anxiety, loved rapid onset (would kill an emerging panic attack immediately), initially were taken on an "as needed" basis -which quickly progressed to "preventative"& "recreational",eventually leading to complete dependance. took forever to quit, made my anxiety worse in the end.

Buspar  - requested for anxiety bc I read that it was non habit forming/non-addictive -was a giant disappointment, didn't do **** for my anxiety-however it did give me the worst dry mouth of my life

Lexapro: for depression, couldn't get out of bed, body felt like a million pounds, slept all day, made me more depressed, increased thoughts of suicide, unable to orgasm/no sex drive,made me never want to try another SSRI ever again

Adderall IR: for ADD & to counteract the sleepiness/fogginess associated w benzos. finally able to focus for the first time in my life, grades went up significantly, increased confidence in myself & my ability to complete tasks. mood enhancer-cured depression temporarily. ABUSED TF OUT OF THIS DRUG-when my script ran out I went through terrible withdrawal & depression. hardest drug to quit

Vyvanse: for ADD, made me anxious,moody,agitated,bitchy

Street drugs that helped: Marijuana(anxiety, every day use) Ecstasy/MDMA(zero social anxiety,made friends,euphoria- quit this drug due to increased frequency of night terrors) Hydrocodone(anxiety, happiness -on occasion/rare)

Have been sober(except weed) for months now- terrible depression/anxiety, constant panic, no energy, avoid human interaction ,weight gain

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Try taking a supplement called 5HTP and SamE (5HTP is a precursor to serotonin and SamE increases seratonin.  Also try ( I think it's called?) Tyrosine.  That supplement increases dopamine levels.  I've tried taking the first two i mentioned when i had major depression and it helped.  Low dopamine levels in the brain cause increased appetite and low energy so definitely try the Tyrosine too.  I really think it's called Tyrosine, try googling "dopamine supplement" if I'm wrong.
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Hi there!  ;)

I am sorry you are going through all of this. Have you tried running and exercise?  Proper nutrition also helps and cutting out all stimulants is a huge help in anxiety and other conditions. Sometimes meds just don't work and we need to prescribe ourselves healthy activities instead. You would not think this would work but it does. I was treatment resistant depressive for a long time and when I dropped my unhealthy lifestyle and made some changes involving staying on routine and running every day it really made a noticeable difference. Hang in there friend and don't be afraid to make some lifestyle changes and become more proactive in your treatment. My thoughts are with you ;))  Best wishes
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Hi exercise is a great way  my oldest Daughter Rachel teaches yoga and it works great for her  as addicts we always are looking for the next pill that wil fix the problem but often the very pill we take becomes a problem exorcise is non addictive..................Gnarly.........................
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Also, i agree with the others, try to get outside for a walk/jog when you can.  I know it takes monumental effort to make it outside but it's worth it, it really will make you feel better much faster than if you don't exercise at all.  
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Try eating a tablespoon or two of Lecithin granules too a day.  It will help your serotonin levels, you can find it at health food stores.  You could also consider consulting a naturopathic doctor.
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