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Norco and Sex Drive

I'm jumping off a 6 to 8 #10 a day habit of about 3 years next week. I've posted a bit, but was wanting to start a new thread. I'm looking for things to be excited about in the coming weeks as I prepare to get my life back on track. I live with my amazingly beautiful girlfriend for about 2 years now. Since my habit has increased dramatically in the last year, we stopped having sex. Mostly because i am never in the mood. Ok, because I am NEVER in the mood. She has done everything possible to remedy this, including losing over 20 lbs and getting hotter and hotter. I love her so much, and I just still don't have that urge. Will this come back ever? I want so bad to give her the attention she deserves, and I am just curious as to how you all have found your using affected your sex drive. Just an honest question...

Thank you to all of you for your support, I look forward to getting through to the other side!
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Hey, hockey, I remember you.

I was on the exact same amount you were on. No sex drive. Zero. Michael Fassbender could have knocked on the door in a towel and I would't have cared. (tmi?) Yes, it came back. Everything comes back. All of our feelings. Good and bad.

Why are you starting next week? Why not now?
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I am leaving my job at the end of the week, I want to wait until I have the time off I need to go through the detox process. My job is just way too physically demanding and I cannot afford to mess up these next few days; my next contract is riding on it. I gave myself a month so i can go through everything I need to get back on the right track before the next gig. I've told my doctor I'm finished, and I have no other options to get the pills. I'm going to try and taper as much as I can in the next week, not that its really going to matter. I'm done on 12/1. Thats my date. I want to start my new gig clean; and I have the time I need to accomplish it. I'm just looking to hear how other people have recovered and was hoping that my lack of sex drive is something I can look forward to getting back. I'm not giving in, I want to be clean; I'll do whatever it takes. I never thought I would get up the courage to tell my doctor and go figure when I told him he wanted me to go to a suboxone treatment. Nope; thanks to what I have read on here I am not interested in just trading one addiction for another.

Thanks for your response j - that is what I was hoping to hear. I'll definitely be in touch.
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I am SO glad you are not going on suboxone!! Years ago a doctor recommended the same to me, so glad I never did.

Very glad to hear you have no access to any pills. That's a vital first step.

Stay very close to this site...everyone will gather around to support you:)
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the one thing I can say is the SEX  or Sex drive is one of the first things to come back !! at times when I was abusing I felt so sad that my smoking wife was deprived of me and the pills were more important aaahhhh what a waste now I need no Viagra hmmm imagine that the opiates masked all feelings sexual and emotional.  just wait the natural endorphins that are supplied with sex will be a great boost I wish you the best.
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it comes back.
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Believe me, your mojo will come back and with a vengance!!!  Just make sure to keep some water on your nightstand....you will need it!!!!
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