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On day 3...feeling better, am i getting over the hump?

I'm on day three of WD.  

I haven't shared my story, but it's pretty simple.  A friend of mine had an abundant supply of hydrocodones prescribed to her by her doctor. First they were 5mg/500's, then they went to 7.5/500's. Now they are 10/325's.  Well, we all know the story.  I've been taking for a few years, where I was at the point of taking 5 - 10mg/325's a day. I make decent money and she does not, so a *** for tat, I guess.  Well, now here I am.  I think I just started because I liked the buzz, period, life was good, no real issues.  I just now look at the money I have spent on the stinkin things and I about s**t!  On top of that, the money that I spend on smoking!  (I think everyone can relate, that, these pills give you the urge to smoke as well).  So I decided it's time to be done, get back to normal and spend or save that money.  Once I feel like I'm over this withdrawal, my next step will be quitting smoking.

So, my real question is, am I over the hump?  day1 and day2 were rough, but i feel better now on day 3.  I've been able to sleep, but do get the RLS in the morning.  My main issue is the urge to take one again and get that buzz. But I am not, even though it stinks.

I have been taking tylenol on occasion during the day for the aches and sometimes ibuprofen. At nite, I take benadryl and nyquil.  That seems to work for sleep for me.

I'm a little foggy, but I'm assuming this will pass with time...anyone know how long that takes or if there is anything else that may help eliminate this? B12 seems to help a bit actually with energy.

Sorry for all the questions

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All you can do it keep trying....and don't use.

It will get better.
the urges last a long time and are very hard...but will pass with time.

missing the buzz and energy, the emotional charge is rough.
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Thanks! for your thoughts!  I am really starting to feel a lot better now, but urge is still there and I know it will be there i'm sure forever, but not as much as it is now.  

Yep, it's that buzz and energy I'm missing!

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