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Open to suggestions about staying clean.

So, after a period of clean time, I'm on that on-again, off-again trip. Aside from getting involved in a fellowship, getting a sponsor, working steps, etc., does anyone have any tried and true things they do for when the cravings get uber-intense? I have EVERYTHING riding on me getting clean and staying clean. Had a couple clean days (minimal to no withdrawals due to short period of using after a span of clean time, thank God) but used today, giving into intense cravings.

Even if it sounds stupid, please offer any suggestion. I recognize that I am powerless to stop on my own. I've been told that I overthink stuff, overcomplicate it. I've also heard that to get to a certain place where people wake up in the morning and thank the God of their understanding for not having the desire to use that day, they go through some "no matter what" moments. Please throw any suggestion out there. It is much appreciated.

There are some personal/living arrangement things going on too. Please PM me if info on this would help. Thank you.
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I would look into addiction dr or therapist .If you are not interested in aa/na .There are other meeting if you look around you can find but you are right you cant do this by yourself and if you want to get and stay clean this time you need to do thing differently if you have any drugs now the first step of course would be to get rid of them and start right over .

As for personal living arrangement do you mean rehab ? If you could  do that it would be by far the best course of action .If that not what you are talking about quite sure what you would be mean by personal /living
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Just wondering, how come you dont want to go the 12 step route? It works if you work it =)
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Start by avoiding the people and places that sent you in a downward spiral.    Also now is the time to sit down and set a full plan to take pride in how you look,   how healthy you can keep yourself.     Begin an exercise program and set out to eat healthy.    Take pride in how you are staying clean,  on how you are feeling so much better than in the past.
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If you have access to pills...........you are going to take them.  I can say this because that is the case for me.  I had to tell my doctor "no more" and call the pharmacy.  I have cut out 3 people in my life that are close to me.......but who take pills..........so I have absolutely no contact with them.  It's hard, but I have to do it this way.
The hardest thing I did was come clean to my doctor.   I saw a doctor at a pain clinic also.  I didn't have the strength to do it....so I signed a release form and the nurse at one doctor called the other one for me.  It was REALLY hard to do, but if I didn't I would just keep up this cycle:  Get a prescription for 30 days filled, take them within 7 days and suffer for 23 until I could get it filled again.  
Now I know that I can't get anymore.....so living my life clean is my option and it feels great.
Don't beat yourself up.........just start again.  Definitely get rid of any that you have left....

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When I quit and the cravings where intense I worked out a lot. A lot of pushups sit-ups...that kind of thing. Now I’m so used to the PT that at times my body craves the workout instead of the drugs. I’m not saying it’s for everyone especially if you have some disability, but for me it’s worked and worked well.
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When I get cravings I have a list of things to do to keep my mind occupied...
Read a good book
watch a funny movie/ show
I like to draw
talk to god
walk my dog
do word puzzles/games
edit my videos I take
surf the web
get on this site for support
everything I have learned new about my addiction that will help me in the long run I write it down in my notebook. That way I can always look back and u have no idea how much it helps me. That's something i do also when I get cravings.

u also need to k ow what ur triggers r and how to avoid them. One of mine r a pharmacy. I try to avoid it when I go to the market. Just an example.
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One of the best things I do when I get a craving is to write....Just write anything that pops into my head....which is usually very dark in nature, because I noticed that when I have cravings it's usually when I am very depressed.  It helps me a lot...other than just keep busy doing anything really.  Just keep your brain occupied so that you think of other stuff besides getting high....
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