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Opiate Free???

Just wanted to drop in and tell everyone that I am three days away from being opiate free. I am stopping the Suboxone on Sunday and plan on NOT ever putting anything with opiods in it, in my body, EVER again. My goodness, if I knew then, what I know now....lol....

Well, I don't ever want to go through this again. I am sure the battle isn't over and I will go through some minor w.d, But we shall see. I am only taking 4mgs of Sub a day, and tomorrow I will take a quarter every day till Sunday. Then stop. So lets hope for the best. How is everyone?

xo, Lisa
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you go girl....... i'm happy for you...  ;-)
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Is this by your decision or the DR's?  Or is it both?  Just curious.. I am going to be on it in like a month.. So just wonderin
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i am so   proud of you hun , i new you could to it :)
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I know you are. Should I say the same to you....

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Hey girl, long time no talk. Um, no I am not under a dr.s eye. However, with the support of some close friends I am taking it cautiously. I opted to do a short term Sub treatment. Some are on it for way longer. Your Dr. may keep you on it for a while. Everyone is different. Keep me posted on your recovery...

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Hey girl!!! How are you? I haven't been on and really havn't talked to you in so long. But I do miss you. A month ago, I was a mess, remember?? Ugh, I never want to go back there. I hope I don't. Anyway, I hope you are well sweetie...

xoxoxo, lisa
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Lisa, that is so good to hear! I am sure you will do fine.
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Where ya been girl,we have missed you. We were about to send the posse out after ya. I had all the horses and guns ready to go. We almost shut this place down to go after you.

We really were worried about you and its good to see your ok. Wooohoo just a few more days and lisa is fffrrrrreeeeee.
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Girl--I have been PM'ing you, and out here screaming for you everday to see how you are doing????  Please !! keep me posted on how you are doing.  Ok?  Take care of yourself.

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Thats great to hear lisa!!.. I'm happy you are doing well..

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this may sound dumb but what is Suboxone. Because im having a really hard time comming off norco. Ive been on it for 2 years (p/m)
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Lisa hey they girl.. I am good and glad to see you around. I was also absent for a little while..

oh and p.s.  Oxyaddict420<----------is a DUDE NOT A CHICK! :) that is funny though

cantthink46- Suboxone is a combination of 2 drugs. Subutex and naloxone. That is used to treat withdrawls and addiction.. You might want to look it up on a few searches and you can find out alot.. GOOD LUCK
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hey girl ive missed u.....i think this is it for u.....i dont know much about sub but it sounds like u r down to a small amount..thats good...im so proud of u ....such an inspiration to me and evryone else on here....love u girl and hang in there.... god bless u sweetie
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thanks because im having a realy hard time....this might sound strange but is sneezing a side effect.........i never sneezed so much......just wish i could sleep.........going on my third night im really tired
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Good job!!! Glad to see you posting :-)
Very proud of you

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lisca, tell me how thats subxone works please if I choose to go that rute do you have wd symptoms? are you sick? I have a Dr. appt. on feb 7th I can't wait and I asking the Dr. for it please help me undestand
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Lonesome, what is it you want to know hun? Perhaps some others can help you with your questions. I did it myself. Why don't you start your own post and ask. I am sure you will get great advise from the folks here.
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