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Opiate Heroin & Fentynol withdraws PLEASE HELP

I’m grateful for the 1answer I got But I would really appreciate any answers on how to feel better & how long can I expect to feel this way AND MOST IMPORTANTLY how do I get the crawling inside my skin to go away??
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This really all depends...how much you were taking and how long you've been withdrawing?
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How are you doing this morning?
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Fentanyl is a long, hard withdrawal.  It took me a month when I went off cold turkey.  Plenty of water, Gatoraid, and clear fluids.  Imodium will help bowel issues.  Ask your doctor for Clonidine.  It helps some with the withdrawals.
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I’m not sure if we’re allowed to mention Kratom. I did a ton of research and tried some from a reputable vendor. It’s a miracle herb. I had zero withdrawals.
My sincere apologies if I’ve broken any rules by mentioning it.
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