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Opiate exhaustion.

So I wanted to quit taking 6-8 Vicodin a day but was scared. It happened by accident by substituting another drug (meth) . I hadn't used meth in 30 years and after 2 weeks I was down  to 1 Vicodin a day for recurrent headaches. Anyway...now I am on nothing and I can barely get out of bed.
The weakness and fatigue is unbearable. Out of breath at the slightest exertion. It has been 9 days with no anything and I feel like you could wipe the floor with me. Any suggestions as to how to get some energy back...I don't feel depressed....just wiped out:(
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Hey, Surv. That's very normal: it's detox. It will take a while for energy to come back. I know this sounds tough, but even minimal exercise will help. Walk down the block. Ya gotta get your natural endorphins backs.

Folks on here talk about vitamins, too. Vitamin B is a biggie. It's not my forte though, so wait for the others to come on and share about it!

Hope you are getting emotional help for your addiction, too. That will also help your exhaustion:)
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Vitamin B12!  Injections are best.  Also, a good amino acid.
Try smoothies with fresh or frozen berries, almond milk (I don't do dairy) a banana and some flax seed oil.  If you have a juicer then juice.  The better nutrition you put in your body, the quicker you will heal.
I know you don't feel like it, but exercise is the best way to get your energy back.  A brisk walk outside will do you wonders...Or even a limp around the block.  Start small and work your way up.
And yes, emotional help is key.  As you went from one drug to another the importance of aftercare cannot be overlooked here.  Getting clean is the EASY part, staying clean is another matter.  So it's time to get a plan in place.
Welcome to our forum family, and congrats on your clean time.
We are here to support...
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You are going to have to force yourself to get up and move.  I started walking to the sidewalk and moved up to the end of the block after a short time.  If you have some sunshine in your area get out and soak some of that up too.  This is only temporary so hang tight,  You are doing something really good for yourself so keep going~
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