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Pain Meds Addiction

42 yro male in Maine USA, I have been on and off and addicted to pain meds for 6 long years due to Diverticulitis in 2007 and colon resection Jan 2009 complications all of 2009 colostomy and reversal as well as two hernia surgeries in 2011, Also re-tore my hernia in July of 2013 I have a lot of scar tissue and nerve damage from those surgeries and pain issues on and off, is a meth clinic my best bet? or Kratom? I have done the cold turkey thing a few times in years past but its hell! and that is an understatement. I have very little means to continue financially getting pills through a friend now and really don't want this on my medical record if I go get help, I know I need help and my mind wants help but my body says no you need this crap opiate stuff, I just want to be free of them, but if I have pain I need something for that as well or if in the future I may need pain relief what do they do with you when your hurt and in pain and need relief if your an addict not by choice but by medical circumstances and my situation I have no idea it's been so long if my pain is controllable by other means and I just want off this crap! any advice?
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Welcome to MH.  There are so many great folks here who can help and provide support.  I want to say I'm sorry for all of your physical struggles..what a tough way to go. My drug of choice was vicodin and I came off of them cold turkey.  If you want to go that route, please see the Thomas Recipe at the bottom of your screen for supplies to have on hand.  I have never been thru an out/in-patient program so I have no reference point there.  Many here have gone the methadone route and liken it to trading one addiction to another...ten-fold.  Hopefully, somebody will jump on here with more information. Regarding what does an addict do when they have real pain?  We try every other option first - otc pain meds, PT, acupuncture, etc.  However, there are true situations where meds are necessary.  In that instance, a trusted friend or loved one holds the meds and doles them out at the appropriate time based on the rx.  I wish you the very best as you go down this path in your life.  Post any time you need to...day or night...there is usually somebody around.
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If I were you, I'd stay away from methadone.  Your addiction can be handled a lot easy without resorting to a stronger drug.
  I don't know how to treat pain, but I do know that pain pills make the pain feel worse over time.
  You'll need to get off pills for awhile to calculate current pain levels.
    Stress makes pain feel worse. So learning to cope with other discomfort in your life is critical.  You need a period of self- evaluation.
  Where do you stand?     What do you expect fr your future ?   How will you chose to live for the next 50-60 years.    
      I've read that a prescription drug for blood pressure called Clonidine can be very helpful during withdrawals.  
     Just get some inner courage. Thru support meetings, family, friends & nature.    Pick up healthy habits. Cut out sugar in your diet.  These are my ideas to help you.  It's up to you what you'll do.      Pamela
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Thank you both for your advice, I made a call to Discovery House in Portland Maine after I posted this, they are a Methadone Clinic and they advised me to seek a Chronic Pain Center and felt that I was still in Pain and having pain issues chronic. I informed my Doctor of this as well as my Chronic Pain Issues and well to my surprise she is working with me finally. I believe I am going to get the help and relief I need and hope that someday I will not need Pain Meds until then I just want to be comfortable as for now that is the case. I guess sometime talking to someone or a few people total strangers helped me decide what to do and has helped me thank you all for your kind advice and I am moving on. Advice from me "ASK QUESTIONS" and you will get answers that will help you make a decision that is best for you everyone is different on what they can handle Pain sickness etc just ASK or talk with someone it helped me. Thanks again Jeremy In Maine.
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