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Pain Pills and Pregnancy

I am 7 months pregnant. For a year prior to becoming pregnant, I was precribed hydrocodones for back pain and spasms. I have been taking them since I got pregnant and am too afraid to tell my doctor, for fear that he will be judgemental or take my child. I am already a mother of 2 and a very good mother at that. I don't feel I am addicted, I am just in so much pain, that the only way I can function during the day is to take a pain pill to make the back pain go away. My questions are.. should I tell my doctor or should I just try quitting? If I do quit now, will it have any harmful effects on the baby? How much of the pill actually goes through the baby's body? Will the baby be born addicted or have withdrawals? Mind you, they were a prescription, so if I told him, I don't think I would get in too much trouble. He would probably only be upset that I didn't let him know sooner. Although my insurance didn't become active until I was 5 months, so it's only been 2 months..
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You need to tell the doctor right away. Don't put it off!

Don't stop cold turkey;it's VERY harmful to the baby. Even decreasing your dose too much may put the baby into withdrawals.  You need the doctor's advice!

You don't say how many you take per day.  Who is the prescribing doctor?
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Hi, and welcome to the forum.

Women becoming pregnant often come on to the forum thinking they must stop their painkillers for the good of their baby.  This just isn't true at all!

Just to back up what Vicky said, you mustn't change your dose or stop your pills while pregnant, except under close medical supervision.  This is because of the risk of precipitating miscarriage.

You do need to tell your doctor about your situation. Please don't be worried about doing so because he/she will have heard the same story a thousand times before. If your doctor thinks it is safe to do so, he/she will help you set up a safe and slow tapering of your tablets.

Wishing you all the very best.
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