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Please Help - Any tips appreciated!!

Hi - My boyfriend and I have been using various opiates (percs, oxys, etc.) every day for the past several months. I feel ashamed to say this, but our use was mainly recreational, aside from my boyfriend's low back pain, which hasn't been relieved using alternate methods as of yet. It started out slow but got out of control, and we're now using +- 200mg of percs each day. We got a taste of withdrawal when we ran out of pills for a day or 2, and those were 2 of the worst days ever, with the insomnia, aches, nausea, depression, anxiety, restless legs, and extremely bad chills/fever/poor temperature regulation. So we resumed our intake and are now researching detox methods, as we plan to do this together at home, hopefully as quickly as possible, and as painlessly as possible (as it goes without saying). Complicating matters for me is that I also take various meds already for anxiety, depression, and ambien for insomnia. Any input is welcomed regarding our situation and how to get out of it and stay out of it. We plan to taper down our use, then stop altogether and brace ourselves. Does tapering work to lessen the withdrawal symptoms, and how do we figure out how to set up the dosing schedule per day (like how long at each step, how much to decrease by each time, etc.) We've read about the Thomas method and have begun buying the ingredients; does this help at all? I just read about something called Kratom - what is it, does it work, how is it used, where do we find it, etc.? We really appreciate any help/support anyone could provide us with, and wish all of you out there struggling with this issue the best of luck and love in getting through this. Thank you.
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Welcome to the forum~  You know what's weird?  We have another new person that is posting on our forum with the same name...you have an underline in the middle of yours.....she doesn't...plus you are from different areas and different ages....we'll have to be careful not to confuse you two...LOL

First of all, it is against our forum guidelines to advise taper plans of any kind...we aren't medical professionals and we don't know your whole health history...so it would be dangerous for us to presume we knew what is safest and best for you personally.  As you said, you are on meds for anxiety, depression and insomnia already...which would further necessitate a dr to help with a safe and recommended taper plan.

As far as taper versus cold turkey.....tapering is easier on the body....but sometimes harder on the mind.  It's a VERY personal preference/decision.
You can try a taper.....and if you find you can't stick to the taper....you can get advise on the safety for YOU to cold turkey.  Since you two are doing it together....you really don't have anyone to dole out the pills per a taper schedule for you.....so that could be a bit tricky too.
I personally could not taper....if I had the pills, they ended up in my mouth.

The Thomas Recipe helps MANY people.....it's good you are aware of it and are gathering supplies.  The Thomas Recipe we have posted here on this forum is a "re-posted Thomas Recipe" as it has no benzo in it.  You will find it at the bottom of the page under "Most Viewed Health Pages".  I didn't find thisi forum until I was 55 days clean...so I was unaware.....you have that in your favor big time!

As far as the Kratom....it binds to the same opiate receptors...and is addictive and varies in quality so we don't ever recommend it on this forum.

It's great that the two of you want to get off the narcotics....doing it together can be good....and then hard, too.  Cutting off sources, sharing your addiction secret with someone close to you so you won't just use behind your secret, and getting involved in some form of after care support are the most successful steps you can take towards freedom from addiction.

Wishing you both well~  
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Thanks so much for the advice!
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