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Pregnant adderall addiction

I am a 23-year-old female and I am currently 16 weeks pregnant. I have been an alcoholic since I was 16 years olds with very heavy drinking.   I know it sounds very irresponsible and even silly but I have been having unprotected sex with both of my boyfriends over the past four years and have not once got pregnant. So I honestly believed that I could not and would not ever have a child. Four months ago I made a huge decision in my life and decided to go to rehab once and really try to get and stay sober.  I did very well and was really committed to staying away from alcohol. A month and to my surprise conceived with my bf of almost 3 years. By the grace of God, and for some type of love for the child inside me, knowing the damage that alcohol does to a fetus, I have not drank my entire pregnancy and do not plan to. However, alcohol is not my only addiction just The most damaging so far. I have been prescribed to Adderall for almost 10 years now and admittedly I am quite addicted to it in recent years, taking up to 160 in a day(not all at once, through out the day and night) My psychiatrist continues to prescribe me me it along with my Prozac for my depression but has lowered the dose in half at first and then more than half. I know I may be judged for what I am going to produce next, but I need to discuss this. I have continue to abuse Adderall  through my pregnancy only slightly lower doses then before. Although this is no excuse for my behavior, at all of my prenatal check ups everything appears to be very normal and healthy with the baby. I have done pretty extensive research on the risks of adderall abuse while pregnant but to understand addiction and it's incredible power is to understand that it is a very difficult battle. I do love this little creature and everyone I know remarks on how well of a mom I'd make but clearly I'm not acting so good. I know the right thing is to go to rehab and get off of my adderall, atleast for the remainder of my pregnancy, and I am definitely thinking about it. Right now I would just like honest advice and input on the damage I likely am causing the baby and tips on how to move forward. Believe it or not, it is eating me up inside. I am so dependent and addicted to my Aderall that I find something as big as a child inside and can't even stop me. Im still quite obviously immature and probably was not ready to become a mother
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Good morning, and welcome to the forum. I don't know anything about Aderall, and someone will be along that knows something about it. Addiction is a very very difficult obstacle to overcome. Does your psychiatrist know that you are pregnant? And does your OB know that you are taking the Aderall? If you are in need of the drug, then they may discuss how to put you on the safest dose for you and the baby. Although it will be hard to stick with it, I've heard a lot of the Aderall addiction is mental, you just need to get to maybe an NA/AA meeting for support and get in the mental mind set that you are going to do what's best for that baby no matter what, as the baby didn't ask to be created. I was taking 8 norco 10/325 per day when I got pregnant, and my doctor reduced me (over a couple months) to taking 3 a day. It was hard physically and mentally, but I did it. Unfortunately after pregnancy, I went 5 months with no pills and then went back on them due to the pain at 6 a day. I am now almost 200 days clean. I took Norco for 10 years. You have to want it more than you want anything else, and you want to be the best mother you can be for your little one. You can do this, but you need to discuss with your OB and psychiatrist the best way to do it. Good luck and congrats on your bundle of joy!
Yes my psychiatrist knows I am pregnant and waited until I was 12 weeks to prescribe me it (although I was taking it before 12 weeks w/o knowledge of the pregnancy) and my OBGYN knows as well, saying it is up to my psychiatrist when I asked her if it was harmful
Thank you for your comment and congratulations!
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I know you're not going to want to hear this, but I think you should tell your OB....just be honest with him/her and tell them.  See if you can both come up with a plan to taper plan.  I know with certain drugs they can switch you to something else that's less harmful to the baby.  To quit while pregnant (like cold turkey) I would think could be very dangerous.  You have to put yourself and your "ego" (embarassment) to the side for the sake of that child!  I don't mean ego in a mean way either.....it would take everything in me to admit to a dr something like this, so I get it!  To forewarn your OB might be the best way to go, IMO.
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I have no idea about pregnancy, but apparently it's bothering you enough to ask for advice, which I commend you on that.
I personally "myself" haven't messed with aderall but I know it's nothing more than legalized Meth! My son is hooked on it and was prescribed the medication and is just about your age. His use of misuse of aderall has taken its toll on him both physically & emotionally. That aside, like a said aderall is nothing but legal Meth not methadone! Only my suggestion is you let ALL your OB physician know what is going on. I'm sure you do now want your child coming into this world with WITHDRAWS! I wish you the best and have I good feeling you will do what is nessacary for both you & your child!
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I am glad you told us what is going on.  Now you need to be honest with your OB and psychiatrist.  Adderall is something that needs to be tapered down especially since you are pg.  Getting honest about our addiction is a huge burden lifted off our shoulders.  Do what is right for you and the baby.  Congrats on not drinking!!
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You're welcome for the comment. That's good that both your psychiatrist and OB know that you are pregnant/taking the Adderall. Since she adjusted your dosing when you became prego, try really really hard to take it as she/he prescribed to you. Have you told either of them that you take more than you are supposed to? If not, be honest with them, both of them. They will do what is right for you and the baby. And as one of the above posters said, if you feel you cannot control yourself with the Adderall, they may be able to prescribe you something that is not as harmful to you or the baby while you are pregnant. Remember, whatever you feel, your baby feels, and baby probably feels it more as it is just a tiny little thing. Maybe this isn't true for everyone, but I felt it was a lot easier to discipline myself when I had that baby inside my belly depending on me completely for every bit of nourishment that it required. Both your doctors seem like they will be supportive of what you want to do. Is your boyfriend of any help, as in support I mean? That goes a long way also, and believing in yourself. That is one of the most important things. And also, think of this, you are going to give birth to baby, if you can do that, you can do anything. You are stronger than you think you and you CAN do this, and you will love yourself for it, and so will that little miracle you are growing! Keep posting with updates. This forum is also a huge help and very supportive. When I was contemplating, I read and read and read all the posts and realized there were a lot of people in a lot worse situations than I was in that kicked this, and that really helped and gave me a lot of hope and a sense of power. When I told my doctor I no longer wanted the pills and refused a couple of prescriptions and found other things that helped with the massive amount of pain I have on a daily basis, I felt VERY empowered and very happy!
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