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Question about how much medication passes through the placenta..

I was wondering if anyone could help me understand how much medication a mother takes actually passes through the placenta. Oxycontin is my sisters drug of choice, even though she is taking a small dose I can't help but wonder how much my niece is actually getting. I tried googling it to see what percentage is actually passed through but have had no luck.
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I am not a nurse or dr but my guess is that yes it does.. More often it is the baby that  starts to withdrawl so then they have to give him whatever, oc. morphine,. They then wean the infant off otf it..I know they can dissect the placenta, & biopsy it. they would test the baby b/c of the way the baby acts.. She should tell her Dr everything so that they can be prepared at delivery time if something should go wrong . be honest, he isn't there to judge you but help you,Dr's like when your honest. It waste less of their time.
Maybe for you to go a Dr's appt  with her if she is afraid to tell him alone.
Reassure everyday that things will be ok.Sometimes just to listen. Is she eating?
Call the Dr, that is what I would do
Good Luck to you
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She seems to be doin fine....gained good,eats good..looks good..she has weaned down to 10 mg a day but is due next week. I am hoping thats enough to save the baby from withdrawal but you never know. I have encouraged her to talk to her dr but she's scared.To others she's the ideal mom. She has 2 other wonderful kiddos and is the best mom but has a problem.Shes had a rough life but it's still not an excuse.Thanks dor the reply
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You need to tell the Doctor ASAP.
I am a mother who was on methadone when I found out I was pregnant. It was such a low dose ,I thought'  "oh good, I'll drop down easy and be off in the first trimester" NOPE.

The foetus shares all blood with the mother.What mum takes, baby gets.Thing is, once baby and mum r opiate dependent it is very DANGEROUS to REDUCE any opiate intake. Like when a heroin user goes cold turkey, it can be very physically trying and hard on the body.A growing foetus cannot cope with reducing what they are used to. No Dr will ever let a pregnant mother reduce her opiate intake when a habit has been established. Think how cold turkey would be for a normal healthy person - how could a developing foetus cope?It can't - it is simply safer to maintain to dose.
Now, to the birth of the baby - around 50% of babies born from opiate addicted mothers will develop NAS (neo-natal abstinence syndrome - withdrawals i other words). This is the safest time for that baby to go through this ,NOT when it is IN UTERO. It does not matter HOW MUCH mum is using. A huge user CAN have a non-addicted baby. A LOW user can have a highly addicted baby, it's all individual. Baby MUST be monitered for at LEAST 7 DAYS in a special care nursery. Nurses are trained to observe and note any symtoms and IF necessary will administer medication to relieve symptoms. They will start with very mild, low doses of opiate based meds and work up til baby is stable. If baby is super lucky he will not suffer any withdrawal and will go home after 7 days.
THE NURSES WILL NOT JUDGE HER BADLY! But they will, if they suspect her of withholding information, especially if there are complications with baby.Certain drugs might not be effective on baby ,if there r problems, so the staff NEED TO KNOW EVERYTHING. She will not have her baby taken off her by child protection services just because of her problem.
Ask her what is more important - her pride or her child?
It's just not worth risking the health of your child because you're afraid of being judged a 'bad person'.  This is the first time she will have to choose to put her baby's needs before her own.
If u need to , YOU tell her doctor. She may hate u for it but eventually she should realize why u did it and probably thank-you for it.
If u have any ?'s or anything , Im here.Good luck, u obviously care for your niece alot. :)
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