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Quiting Methadone and Swithching to Subs? then to nothing?

Ive never posted anything really to much ! Im looking to get off 8 years of the Methadone clinic at a slow taper ! I was on a 135mg holding dose for 4 years and last 27 months have been slow detoxing and finally hit 50 mgs yesterday! It is very Apparent that the clinic aims to produce lifers on the Methadone! Yes I admit it probley-def saved my life, I became addicted to pain pills thru my local hospital awaiting oral surgery for 4 months cause of no insurance and the wait time to get surgery! The Hospital assured me after my surgery and pain is gone I would not have a addiction! Well Thats complete BS! Anywho pills took over and became unaffordable and I took my first shot of heroin on my 30th B-day! "WORST DESCION EVER" After that it was only Main line and after numerous abscess's and waking up in hospitals I finally joined the Clinic! O.M.G. I felt like a 100lb lead weight was off my shoulders and the first 2 years I was flying, And felt I was human again! But That goes away! I want out of the Belly of the Beast! So my game plan now thru non stop research is to switch to Subs, and NEVER take Methadone AGAIN! But I KNOW Subs are just another Monster! so my plan is to Make my switch to subs for 20 days only ! last 10 days only 2-4 mgs to ease the Hellaicious Methadone detox and what little WD's I acquire thru that 20 days of Subs! But I Don't and can't afford subs let alone the Methadone, So after day 20 it will be cold turkey from their on out! Ive heard the main addiction with Subs starts after 21 days to a Month, But to be relieved and ease this horrible methadone out of my system is a Dream that needs to become true! I feel once I get to be Undependent of any drugs will almost be my new Drug "LIFE" ! Has anyone done this? I do realize it wont be easy! but Feel it is doable! It is not living being handcuffed to it Ever! Thoughts please!
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Hi JB welcome to the forum. It's great you want to get off methadone. Congratulations on getting down to 50mg methadone.

Than you for sharing with us your drug use. I'm so glad you are here today alive to share your story.

My understanding is to switch from methadone to subs ideally you need to be at 30mg of methadone.  Also before starting subs a person must be in withdrawl to avoid precipitated withdrawls. (I just thought it best to add this in case you don't know or someone reading these posts thinks of doing this and does not know)

Methadone is also very potent and can be difficult to work out a conversion.

Switching from methadone to subs is changing from one opiate to another, ( I do understand methadone is a full agonist while sub is a partial). So your body is still going to be dependant on opiates. JB so where you have mentioned addiction to subs starts after using same after 21 days, I don't think applies in your case, because you are already taking methadone.

We all have something in common.. looking for the least withdrawl symptoms possible. Who wouldn't be?!

Are you planning on switching from methadone to subs and tapering through your clinic or doing this yourself?

The only way you will have the least withdrawl symptoms possible is by doing a long slow taper, much longer then what you are planning.

We can't give you a taper plan here....What we can and will do is support you through your journey.

JB its also a good idea to have support readily available. Are you in a recovery group such as NA/AA or seeing a therapist? If not please really think about doing so.

There are many here who have successfully tapered from methadone and suboxone. They will want to help you too.

You can do this. It is amazing to be set free from the liquid handcuffs or whatever it is that has a hold of you.

It does not have to be a life sentence!!!!!
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Best decision, to switch from dones to sub. Only my oppinion. Subutex is my miracle drug. There are so many reasons to switch, if you have the chance, take it.sub def saved my life, dones were notworking. Subutex did everything it has suposed to. I take 2 8mg subling. A 1... it works great. No withdral symtoms, better life, learned to value my family, i have also been able to quit ciggs and alcohol.. i truly think for the right person. Subutex is the answer.
Thank you , is their a app for this site? Im having such a hard time with this slow detox! I just feel methadone has hollowed myself, The poison im on now has taken a whole new turn for the worst! Yes it probably saved my life ! but after a couple years it has been taking it! and this constant withdraw isn't living! ive only been detoxing 1mg at a time every 2-3 weeks  since I hit about 80 mgs from the 4 years of daily 135mgs! im today on day 8 of 50mgs from 51! I can't believe how powerful it is the lower I go! A lil more info from myself is Type 1 diabetic, Mental Depression, Anxiety! Hypertension!  besides my Insulins and supplies ive also been on Klonopin for 10 years and adderal !Basically having to live below poverty to get all my hospital meds and needs! It feels my only 2 choices to survive is stay way below poverty or somehow become Upper middle class with Insurance! And my insulin's just keep going up in price! just like all meds ! I live off food pantrys im lucky to eat 1 meal a day! instead of the 5 mini healthy meals im supposed too! So I'm sure this all plays major factors in my detox!     Thank you for all ur support! And Sarah Im aware of the very important issues I didn't put in that are very true! and PURSOFHAPPINESS I appreciate ur input and am happy for you! I don't want to trade 1 addiction for another Tho! As far as the Subs Im only planning on no more that 20 days of using top help the first 3 weeks of the horrid Methadone Detox! I don't wanna become addicted to Subs !
THx and God bless
The other Major downside is the Doctor fee's to be put on subs! And where I live its almost double the amount I somehow have been paying the M-Clinic! If I could just get a script for the  Buprenorphine the only generic for Subutex! is very affordable in comparison to the Suboxine! The reason ive been on the Klonipans was my anxiety was making my blood sugars sky rocket! And the Doctors ive spoke to via phone say I cant be on Benzo's to become a patient for Subs! The worst Guilt I have is my Daughter, I hate that I pay so much in my maintenance programs and all my other co-pays and such, instead of to my Kiddo! and having to keep it secret or her mother will use it to every advantage to not be able to see her! Thank God she is almost an adult! and we are very close via telephone! but that's the best I can do with her Evil Mother! Of whom dosnt even have her living with her!
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Hi JB, great to hear from you. Thank you for sharimg your medical history. JB with your diabetes and hypertension  being as unstable as it is, if you are planning on going onto subs and detoxing yourself, please don't.

If you are doing this with the support of your dr how many mgs of methadone do you plan on going down to before you try the sub route? Where are you getting the subs from? Will they be prescribed or are you buying them?

JB I know you badly want off methadone, I really do. You need though to understand that if you go from methadone to subs that you will still be taking an opiate. Your body will not recognise you are taking subs, (well it will if you are not in withdrawls when starting subs) other then that your body will be addictes to the subs, because you are switching to another opiate. So you are trading one opiate for another. Also if you are going to switch to subs you will need your methadone dose converted to the equal doseage of suboxone otherwise you will go into withdrawal.

What is making you want to go onto subs, rather then continue to taper down as you are on methadone? If you are not tolerating the drop, it might be a good idea to go longer between each drop.

I'm sorry for your financial situation. Im guessing you are receiving all the assistance you are able. I'm from Australia we are very fortunate to have the health care we have here. Most people on the forum are from the USA you never know they may have some ideas where you could seek help. I know a good diet is vital when you have diabetes.
Look forward to hearing from you.
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